C.A. Vizcardo

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C.A. Vizcardo (111191)
Managed by Icaro
Club information
Location Lima Perú
Geographic areaSouth America
StadiumDr. Ranulfo Bazán Dávila (90 000 seats)
Team colours
     BROWN      BLACK      BROWN
Prize shelf
National Cup.PNGNational Cup.PNGDivision I.PNGDivision I.PNG
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C.A. Vizcardo is a team of Peru founded in march 15, 2003.


First official game was played with vv Veenhuisen and was lose with a 4-3. Since then the club reach top division and in local seasons 19 and 22 (global 31 and 34) wins getting the double.

Season 22 Champions[edit]


Flag Coach
Sverige Haklan Kangland


Flag Player Flag Player
Perú Cirilo Casaretto India Dron Khanolkar
Perú Elector Narvarte Perú Gabriel Morales
Perú Gaston Bermudez Perú Gaston Carahuanco
Perú Juan Antonio Huaman Perú Manuel Guizado
Hrvatska Martin Vizintin Perú Nelson Julian Eche
Israel Oren Burg Perú Pablo Botteri
Perú Pablo Leguia Perú Renato Centeno
Perú Rivelino Angulo Perú Ruperto Santos
Italia Sabatino Pagnini Israel Sason Markovich
Sverige Tom Ohlkvist Singapore Yap An Hui

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