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CHPP stands for Certified Hattrick Product Provider a way for Hattrick Team to get control over the development of third-party applications and to communicate with the developers in an easy fashion.

It is not allowed to start developing applications and/or functions before they are properly approved. Using non-CHPP approved applications may result in a (temporary or permanent) ban from the game.

What's in it for developers?

   Magnifier.png   Further information: CHPP Manual

Developers get a quality mark and an official sign of approval by the Hattrick team. The rules ensure that all applications have the same potential to attract users.

Program description and functions must be in English. Applications must be of general interest, meaning that applications that only are intended to be used by small groups, such as federations or friends, won't get approval. The minimum limit is that the applications must benefit at least one country. Furthermore all applications must have English support, either as the original or as an optional language.

To become a "certified provider" you must agree to follow the CHPP rules. Here's the process of how it works:

  • Get a bright idea.
  • Figure out what features you want to have in the program.
  • Apply for CHPP before you start developing. State your features. Wait for the HT-team to approve or disapprove the program, and for each feature see if the HT-team has approved it or not. At this point, all your features are hidden from the public so you do not risk unwanted competition to that all-grand-dandy killer-feature before it is finished.
  • When accepted as a CHPP, you may join the CHPP conference.
  • Develop the program with all the approved features.
  • When finished, check back to the CHPP page and choose the features that you want to publish to the public.
  • You decided to develop a new version. Just add more functions on the CHPP page, wait for approval, and develop.

Developers get also access to information in the CHPP conference about actions the Hattrick team takes that may affect their programs (this might be changes of the format of the HRF file and such things).

What's in it for users?

Users know that the application they are using is approved by the Hattrick team. Users know that it is programmed in such a way so it won't store their password and the program is treating the Hattrick servers with respect.

As some programmers abusively used or use the logo on their sites, a Hattrick user should always check if the application is listed in the official application list. This list can be found via the community menu.


Hattrick announces
Partnership for Hattrick Software 09/12/2001
We have a nice bit of news today: It is time to launch the Certified Hattrick Product Provider, our partnership program with independent developers of Hattrick software.

Our hope is that CHPP will spur new and improved applications, like "Hattrick Viewer" and "Absolut manager", the first products to be released. You will find more info on the products by clicking the new "Shop" link in the menu.

Hattrick announces
CHPP takes a break 07/12/2006
The Hattrick developer network CHPP has proved to be quite popular, with the number of new applications for programs and services skyrocketing. We’ve arrived at a point where the system isn’t working as it was supposed to – the volunteer staff that handle CHPP don’t get enough time to check new applications, while existing developers don’t get the attention they deserve. As such, we have decided to shut down CHPP for new applications until further notice. This will give us time to work on the backlog, while also improving the system for the future. If you have been planning an application, please have patience as we hope this will improve the quality of CHPP for everyone over time.

We would also like to remind all users that if a program or service has not obtained approval for CHPP status it means you are not allowed to use it for accessing Hattrick. It’s your responsibility to make sure the services you use are safe and certified.

Hattrick announces
Happy Birthday, Hattrick! 30-08-2011
It has been fourteen years since Hattrick came online with its first version. It has been an amazing journey so far and we would like to thank all users of Hattrick for taking it with us!

As tradition bids, we have a Hattrick Supporter package lined up for the occasion, but also some goodies for everyone else. [...] Finally, we are making it possible for Supporters to submit match orders through CHPP programs. This is new functionality for developers as well, so it may take some time before we see this implemented in any apps out there. But once it is, it'll be possible to submit your orders directly through your favorite app.

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