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CPAM FC (176295)
Official logo for CPAM FC
Region Alsace
Country  France
Geografic area Latin Europe
Continent Europe
Foundation 28.10.2003
Stadium 16 rue de Lausanne (55 000 seats)
Fan club L'ancien club D5 (1 891 members)
League VI.419
President France CHPP-teles


Coach Nederland Jacky Heideman


Secretary France Tony Bassène


Prize shelf
Series Champions V.240(France) Season 24Series Champions V.240(France) Season 25Series Champions V.167(France) Season 33Series Champions V.68(Lietuva) Season 36

Top Scorer V.240(France) Season 21Top Scorer V.240(France) Season 22Top Scorer V.167(France) Season 32Top Scorer V.167(France) Season 33Top Scorer V.165(France) Season 38

Team colours

CPAM FC is French football club from Alsace.

The Team

Foundation History

CPAM FC was founded October 28th, 2003 by CHPP-teles.

Current squad

1 Cyprus Kenan Ferigül CyprusVarosi fc U-20 NT Player
2 España Abraham Benseny Españativodepor
3 Österreich Mustafa Holler BelgiumOeps
4 Schweiz Dave Degelmann SchweizShoe Fighters
5 Deutschland Tilo Fröhlich DeutschlandHeimer SV
6 Danmark Victor Ravn SchweizFelstütendogma
8 France Manuel Robin BelgiumLokomotiv Kortrijk
12 Schweiz Jimmy Barthe Danmarkulle68
16 France Samuel Reveillon FranceRoyal Saint Bel
17 Nederland Wicher Hogerwerf NederlandPropers
18 Suomi Aku Mäntylampi ItaliaS.S.C. The King Of Limbs
19 England Scott Ransley Norgecurrahees
20 Magyarország Ányos Lövész MagyarországFaLabuak C.F.
21 Nederland Dani Ruijter DeutschlandPlattfuß Schwenningen
88 France Gerard-Marie Le Gratiet FranceCPAM FC @18931189
89 Nederland Jacky Heideman NederlandBokken FC
90 France Ludovic Durand FranceCPAM FC
91 Portugal César Casa-Nova PortugalSLB GAFETENSE
92 France Marc Delmas FranceCPAM FC
93 France Dimitri Bécart FranceCPAM FC
94 France Julien Lamothé FranceCPAM FC
95 France Joshua Laurent FranceCPAM FC
96 France Guillaume Filin FranceCPAM FC
97 France Richard Reinhart FranceCPAM FC
98 Danmark Klas Appel Andersen SchweizLUtown Lions 08
99 France Rodrigue Arzel FranceCPAM FC



16 rue de Lausanne is the arena of CPAM FC. It has a total capacity of 55 000.

  • Total capacity: 55 000
  • Terraces: 31 690
  • Basic seating: 11 952
  • Seats under roof: 10 142
  • Seats in VIP boxes: 1 216

Club History

Season League Coupe de France Trophies Top goalscorer Goals
21 2nd in V.240 2nd round Goldenboot V.gif Fabrice Bouquant 16
22 4th in V.240 3rd round Goldenboot V.gif Fabrice Bouquant 13
23 3rd in V.240 2nd round none Fabrice Bouquant, Brandon Brookfield 6
24 1st in V.240 5th round Division V.PNG Brandon Brookfield 10
25 1st in V.240 6th round Division V.PNG Tony Bassène 7
26 3rd in IV.18 2nd round none Brandon Brookfield 10
27 6th in IV.18 5th round none unknown -
28 2nd in V.167 8th round none Remi Hidien 9
29 2nd in V.167 10th round none Remi Hidien 7
30 2nd in V.167 6th round none Régis Gillot 9
31 2nd in V.167 5th round none Remi Hidien 11
32 2nd in V.167 4th round Goldenboot V.gif Normando Rosas 14
33 1st in V.167 7th round Division V.PNGGoldenboot V.gif Martin Emilsson 23
34 5th in IV.61 5th round none Normando Rosas 10
35 5th in IV.61 5th round none Normando Rosas 12
36 1st in V.68 4th round Division V.PNG Régis Gillot 12
37 6th in IV.60 6th round none Gabriel Gustavsson 10
38 2nd in V.165 5th round Goldenboot V.gif Martin Emilsson 15
39 2nd in V.165 3rd round none Régis Gillot 10
40 4th in V.165 4th round none Régis Gillot 10
41 3rd in V.165 4th round none Martin Emilsson 12
42 4th in V.165 2nd round none Martin Emilsson 13
43 4th in V.165 4th round none Régis Gillot 5
44 3rd in V.165 2nd round none Régis Gillot 10
45 8th in V.165 2nd round none Jimmy Barthe, Tilo Fröhlich 2


Hall of fame

Name Retired Current job Seasons Matches Goals Hattrick Best match Last match
France Tony Bassène
03-06-2011 Secretary 4 94 112 9 284382234 332002694
Brasil Artur Bouça
20-12-2007 Sales Director 10 139 43 2 62275464 156395288
France François Parmentier
17-08-2006 Infomercial Host 3 2 13 0 13331074 51386860
Danmark David Therkildsen
17-03-2008 Hotdog vendor 11 133 35 0 97891276 164611698

Raised in the team


Currently the club has hosted 98 countries on 127


The manager of the club CHPP-teles is an official CHPP admin since November 2010 and has created some CHPP products:

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