CSM '03

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CSM '03 (206053)
CSM '03
Managed by Mod-Kaspur
Club information
LocationGelderland Nederland
ArenaToTsCh_IIl Stadium
Fan ClubOrange Lions


The start

on march 27th of 2003 K11 was borne. K11 started in the new Dutch VIIth division. The day after it was renamed to Catena's Voetbal Meesters. On the 7th of July CSM '03 got it's current name.

First seasons

CSM managed to become champions in their first season in the VII.69. This is also the only season when CSM delivered a top scorer, namely Enrique Goor. The next season CSM played in the VI.2 where the second championship was reached. The team that CSM had to play in the qualificationgame was a WO-team. Therefore CSM promoted to the Vth division.

Mid seasons

CSM relegated and promoted season after season and has played in: VI.2, VI.386, VI.936, V.90, V.218 and V.230. During this period

Current seasons

The last period in the V was more succesful for this club. After 3 seasons CSM promoted directly to the IV.8.



  • Champions of VII.69 in Season 8
  • Champions of VI.2 in Season 9
  • Champions of VI.386 in Season 11
  • Champions of VI.936 in Season 13
  • Champions of V.230 in Season 16
  • Delivered Top scorer of VI.69 in Season 8 (Enrique Goor, 19 goals)


  • round 3 season 10
  • round 2 season 11
  • round 2 season 12
  • round 5 season 13
  • round 5 season 14
  • round 5 season 15
  • round 3 season 16