Caherlistrane Minors

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Caherlistrane Minors (280083) is an Irish club based in the Galway region. The club was founded on the 8th of August 2007 by Milky. The club play their football in II.4.

Currently ranked at 42nd in Ireland, the Minors are officially the 5th best team in Galway and the second best III team in Ireland. This will surely improve upon their impending promotion.

2 seasons later and they are up to 12th in Ireland and usually hold the no. 1 spot in Galway (though these tend to fluctuate from week to week).

The club play their matches at the Jon Draughn Memorial Arena, the stadium is named this, even though Jon still plays and is club captain. He is held in such high regard by the club because of his many exploits both on the GAA pitch (he won the All Ireland with Galway in 2001) and for the Minors.

Hall Of Fame[edit]

  • Malcolm Thomas (172447824) - Malcolm was a great player. His pace and experience are sorely missed, even to this very day.
  • Massimo Barzanti (47758774) - A great SPer for the club and outstanding defender. A former coach, his leadership will be missed.
  • Mario Emilio Alonso (47220388) - Another great coach, but more importantly, a superb goal scorer. A huge fans favourite.


Season Trophy
29 Division III.PNG Champion of III.2
26 Division IV.PNG Champion of IV.35
25 Division V.PNG Champion of V.169
22 Division V.PNG Champion of V.5