Can Pistraus de Labas

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HT-User: Bamberg
Country: España
Region: Catalunya
Arena: Municipal de Labas

Brief Description

Can Pistraus de Labas is a Spanish team based in Catalunya.. Althought considered spanish in the game, this is a Catalan Team based in the city of Banyoles, in Spain. The team couldn't enter the Andorran League and it was relegated to Spain. The team is currently playing in the league X.2281, 10th Division hoping to promote soon to 9th Division.


This team was born on March 10th, 2007 and named as RCD La Rioja and started playing at league XI.1920, in the 11th division, the bottom division in Spain. RCD La rioja played three consecutive seasons at XI.1920 when it went bankrupcy.

In 14 November, 2007 the team was bought by Bamberg and named Can pistraus de Labas where Can Pistraus stands for a famous restaurant in Catalunya and Labas mean "hello" in Lithuanian, as a tribute to a very beautiful Lithuania girl who is bamberg's bride.

From now has been playing in league X.2281 where it ranked 4th the last season and now is fighting fiercely for promoting, and is 2nd right now.

Main Philosophy

Can Pistraus de Labas is an international-based team, this mean that only few players are born in Spain. It has players from all around the world, specially from countries where football is uncommon like Mongol Uls, Al-Maghrib, Prateh Kampuchea and Malaysia.

This team is not the typical 3-5-2 tactics team that trains playmaking. It's focussed mostly in Defending Training and Counter Attack tactics. This leads to an improved defense in spite of bad inner and scoring capacities.


Can Pistraus de Labas plays at the Estadi Municipal de Labas, an arena that can hold up to 12.000 spectators.


Can Pistraus de Labas is an international-based player collection, mainly focussed in keeping the most pintoresque set of foreigner players.

Our best players are:

  • Marcel Estiarte
  • Fernando Fernandes
  • Sasso Bold
  • Seyed Aziz

Friendly Matches

We try to focus on friendly matches to maintain a nice collection of flags.

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