Cape Holland

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Cape Holland (506950)
Kings Squad
Managed by Mavuba
Club information
LocationNoord-Holland Nederland
ArenaKoegras Plaza
Fan ClubDe Doggershoek

Dutch team owned by Mavuba and currently playing in the Dutch VI.318. The club was founded on 30 June 2004. It was previously named Cape Holland '04, but the club internationalised his name in season 13. Also Winner of the Sealand Cup in season 16.


The club was founded in Nederland on 30 june 2004, and got off to a great start in IX.650, promoting straight on to VI.318.


  • Champion of division IX.650 in season 13
  • Champion of division VIII.696 in season 14
  • Champion of division VII.568 in season 15
  • Winner of The Sealand Cup IV in season 16

Hall of Fame