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'''Twodot United''' currently plays in VI.129. 
All articles about clubs from the [[USA]].
Attempting to disprove the popular belief that US professional soccer can only survive in major cities containing large ex-pat populations; team owner gfselect placed his club in the cow town of Twodot (or Two Dot), Montana.  Even by Montana standards (a state similar in area to Japan or the UK, but lacking a city with a population over 100,000), the community of Twodot is viewed as small and isolated.
To date, Dot-U's play can be best described as inconsistent.  Despite this, the community has fully embraced the team.  After all, what else is there to do in Twodot?
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Stadium: The Stock Yard
Fan Club: The Cow Tippers
Uniform: Shirt- Purple with two large yellow dots / Shorts- Purple / Socks- Black
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All articles about clubs from the USA.


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