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<a href="http://freewebhouse.com/meridia/meridia.html">meridia</a> http://freewebhouse.com/meridia/meridia.html [URL=http://freewebhouse.com/meridia/meridia.html]meridia[/URL] [URL]http://freewebhouse.com/meridia/meridia.html[/URL]
The Hattrick community is generally regarded as one of the best aspects of the game, with a userbase of over 700,000 people to interact with. Within the game, the community is built by the [[Conference]]s, [[HT mail]], [[guest book]]s of [[supporter]]s. There are also many other websites devoted to the community, such as Hottrick, [[HattriX]], [[Ione.se]] and the [[Bottom Division Federation]] Sites. Some players hardly take part in the community at all, while others are very active. Arguably the most important part of the commmunity are all the [[translations]] that have come from the hard work of the users.
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