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Real Groningen (364171)
Managed by Bebop-GSH
Club information
LocationGroningen Nederland
ArenaReal Groningen Arena 41500 seats

Real Groningen

Real Groningen is a Hattrick team based in Groningen, a city in the northern part of The Netherlands. The team was founded on May 22nd 2004 and made their first appaerances in division VII.252. After achieving two fourth places in a row, Real Groningen managed to become the series champion by winning all their matches, allowing them to perform on a higher level: division VI.343.

The first season in the new division turned out to be having a miraculous plot. On the last day of the season Real Groningen was residing on a relegation spot with 3 points and 3 goals behind the safe number 6 position. By winning the last match with 2-0 and the competition, Sporting Miraculeus, losing their match 0-1 there was an all even score. Except for one detail, Real Groningen scored more goals, so based on scored goals Real Groningen managed to guard a place in division VI.343. That next season the team got hold of the 5th place, and now seems to be stabilized in that division.

Real Groningen's manager, Bebop-GSH (reallife name Floris), chose to start his career of by training midfielders. This resulted in star player Dominique Boekweg (5,5 stars) to reach world class quality in playmaking and a strong midfield. After putting hands on the 6th place new trainees were bought, to train them on passing and scoring. Since the competition is fierce the team's objective in the current season is to guard their place in division VI.343.

Highest achieved rank after finished season: 5th in VI.343 Best cup result: 2nd round

Current league position: 4th in VI.343 Current cup result: Knocked out in round 2

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