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==Basic Newbie Guide==
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The following contents are based on the opinion of Hattrick users — which means that their veracity and accuracy have not been confirmed by any official statement, and consequently they do not necessarily reflect the game reality. Please take this into consideration!

  1. Do not spend any money until you know what you are doing. One of the common mistakes by newbies is to 'buy buy buy' without realising what is important in Hattrick. A lot of newbies end up wasting their money on upgrading their stadium, buying bad coaches (eg. Inad/Inad) and spending loads of money on just one player. Do not invest in your youth squad either. As a newbie, you are just throwing valuable money down the drain.
  2. Read and understand the rules. This will prevent you from making any bad mistakes like above. The manager license requires you to do so, in order to complete the last five challenges. Do not cheat, and second guess the answers until you have all correct. This will only give you a greater chance of making a mistake. The Hattrick Wiki, found under community can also be a useful read.
  3. Familiarize yourself with your players. Check what skill rating is the best by clicking the link on any players skill. From this, you should be able to work out your best players. Any player with inad mainskill, (unless an experienced player) should be fired, and you should sell any players who have solid mainskill.
  4. Buy a passable coach with poor leadership or a solid coach with poor leadership if you can afford one and are still able to afford trainees. Unless you decide to train goalkeeping, you probably won't be able to afford one. Once you have some more money, and have your trainees, then you can upgrade to a solid/poor leadership. Set training intensity to 100% and keep it there.
  5. In this game, a large source of income is from trainees which you buy with the intention of training them up and selling them for a profit. You should choose from the following:
    • Goalkeeping (can train 2 players)
    • Defending (can train 10 players, (6 CD's and 4 wing backs))
    • Playmaking (can train 10 players (6 IM's and 4 wingers that recieve 50% training))
    • Cross Passing (can train 8 players (4 wingers and 4 wing backs that recieve 50% training))
    • Scoring (can train 6 players)
  6. Once you have decided what you are going to train, you need to buy your trainees. The best trainees are 17 year olds, because you can train them for longer but 18 and 19 year olds are fine for beginners. Their main skill should be passable but both inadequate and solid are fine, depending on what you can afford. It is better to get a passable playmaker with inadequate passing than a solid playmaker with no passing skills as they will sell for more. If you decide to train playmaking, buy players with similar stamina, so you don't end up training stamina for one person.
  7. You then need to choose your formation, based on what you are training. Remember not to play more than 3 in a central position (central defender, inner midfielder, and forward). You can't have, for example, 4 inner midfielders, as you will lose training.
    • Goalkeeping allows you to play any formation you want.
    • Defending trainers should play 5 at the back, three CD's and 2 wingbacks, and formations advisable are 5-3-2 and 5-4-1.
    • Playmaking trainers should play 5 in midfield, three IM's and two wingers and 3-5-2/4-5-1 are recognisable, thus should be played.
    • Cross Passing trainers have to play a formation that lets them play 2 wingers and two wing backs. 3-5-2 and 4-5-1 are both recognizable and commonly used for this type of training. 4-4-2 can also be used.
    • Scoring trainers would play 3 upfront and thus 3-4-3 or 4-3-3, which are recognizable should be used.
  8. Most importantly, have fun! The newbie conferences are very useful places if you become stuck or need any help

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