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Individual orders




Central Defender (the abbreviation CD is commonly used) is a player's position within Hattrick. He is fielded as the central defender in a team and, through the use of their skills, has the largest effect upon your defence ratings, but also contribute to midfield.


Central defenders are the heart of your defense and obviously Defending is their most prominent skill. Playmaking is also beneficial, and their Passing skill really makes a difference when counter-attacking.

Wing skill is used only when playin towards wing, otherwise it's useless.


Defenders determine the three defence ratings in a match, together with the goalkeeper, wing backs, inner midfielders and wingers. In addition, the Playmaking skill contributes a small amount to the midfield rating.

Side attack ratings also benefit from Central defenders towards wing having a lot of Wing.

Individual Orders

Central defenders can be placed as:

Normal.png Normal central defender (CD) — The Defending skill contributes mainly the central defence, but also a lesser contribution to side defence. A lone central defender will contribute equally to both wing defence zones, while one of a pair will contribute more to the side on which he is playing.

51.6% of his Defending skill for Side Defence (half to left and half to right if central)
100% of his Defending skill for Central Defence
23.6% of his Playmaking skill for Midfield

Offensive.png Offensive central defender (CDO) — The defender uses more Playmaking and less Defending, still contributes to all three defence ratings.

37.8% of his Defending skill for the Side Defence rating (half to left and half to right if central)
72.5% of his Defending skill for the Central Defence rating
39.8% of his Playmaking skill for the Midfield rating

Towards left.png Central defender towards wing (CDTW) — He will contribute some Wing skill to the wing attack on his side. Also, he contributes to the wing defence and less to the central defence.

81.0% of his Defending skill for the Side Defence rating
67.0% of his Defending skill for the Central Defence rating
16.5% of his Playmakingskill for the Midfield rating
24.6% of his Winger skill for the Side Attack rating

Overcrowding Penalty

There are some penalties in case you play 2 or 3 defenders on the central position. Overcrowding penalty affect all players' skills playing in that specific central area of pitch of your team and they Penalties for central defenders are:

  • 2 Central defenders: -3.6%
  • 3 Central defenders: -10%


A ranking of central defenders specialties:

Spec3Power.png Powerful defender — loses more skills in the sun, but he plays better in the rain. He is the key player to improve pressing tactic.
Spec5Head.png Head defender — improves chance of scoring on set pieces, but he can trigger negative events from Technical Wingers, Inner Midfielders, and Forwards.
Spec1Technic.png Technical defender — plays better in the sunshine, but loses skill in the rain. Your chances to trigger a non-tactical counter-attack event increases with every Technical defender you have on the field.
Spec2Quick.png Quick defender — stops a quick event from Wingers, Forward or Inner Midfielder (100% chance), but has big negative drawback in losing skills both in rain and sun. Any Quick Winger will give a small boost on Counter-attacks tactic.
Spec4Unpred.png Unpredictable defender — can eliminate negative effects with high Defending, but needs good Passing skill to create SE chances.