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This refers to users that intentionally or sometimes unintentionally violate the rules. To ensure no one gets unfair advantages in the game, the Hattrick community is very aware and active in the search for cheaters to ensure fairness throught the game.

These are some common ways of cheating:

  • having more than one team
  • managing someone else's team (even if you're trying to be nice)
  • overpriced transfers
  • automating certain activities on the site without CHPP-approval

It's among the resposibilities of GMs to penalize violators of the rules, but the whole community has a responsibility as well to keep a watchful eye for suspicious activities of any kind. When caught and found guilty, the GMs have several options of penalizing cheaters, varying from a fine (in Hattrick currency) to exclusion from game.

Check the Cheat-o-meter on the GM pages to see the number of caught cheaters last week. Typically around 3000 cheaters are caught every week, indicating the level of awareness in the community, but also indicating the vast amount off people willing to bend the rules.