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NT U-20 China

NT U-21 China

NT China

Hattrick Country
People's Republic of China
File:China map
Location of People's Republic of China (link to Google map)
Republic of China Wikipedia page
Currency Yuan
1000 Yuan = 100 US$
Time zone Hattrick Time +7
Continent: [[Asia]]
People's Republic of China HT Country
[[Asia, Africa and Oceania]]
Number of regions: 32
Current local season: 20
Number of teams:
(~ active)
19112 (active ~1700)
Level of series: 7
Top series name: Dragons Elite
National cups: China Cup (main)
China Emerald Cup (challenger)
China Ruby Cup (challenger)
China Sapphire Cup (challenger)
China Consolation Cup (third tier)
National teams


China League in Hattrick was founded in 2001. On July 22, 2002, Hongkong became a separate league in Hattrick, just like it is in the real world.

In May of 2005, China became the host country of the 7th World Cup.

In April of 2006, owing to CFC-China, the coach of Chelsea Blues FC, China U-20 National Team entered the fourth round of the 7th U-20 World Cup, which is the best achievement of China/U20 National Team in a World Cup up to now.

In December of 2002, Simplified Chinese version of Hattrick was released. The brilliant contribution of GM-Wrenwin, the Language Administrator of Simplified Chinese version and the coach of Junwei, enabled more and more Chinese-speaking users to join Hattrick. In recent years, Hattrick is promoted in China rapidly. Now there are more than one thousand active users in China League. China HT-Conference and Dreamingsky Forum became the two largest communities for users' communication and discussion.

China was extended to four levels before the beginning of national season 21


None yet.

Chinese staff

League champions

Season Team Name Manager Name
20 JKC Reaction glassdragon
19 stushoot wantagame
18 sGoal Reunion yfleung
17 stushoot wantagame
16 Tsing Yi MTR Drivers terryleung
15 Tsing Yi MTR Drivers terryleung
14 Tsing Yi MTR Drivers terryleung
13 Tsing Yi MTR Drivers terryleung
12 Tsing Yi Computer Studies FC Ziho-Programmer
11 Tsing Yi MTR Drivers terryleung
10 Forever Friends chanfaisiu
9 HotSpurs Asia EdKeung
8 Aztec Warrior look_yau
7 Ocean Panda Gary Y
6 Ocean Panda Gary Y
5 Outsider FC Outsider
4 Ocean Panda Gary Y
3 Heilongjiang (Bot) Unknown
2 Liaoning (Bot) Unknown
1 Heilongjiang (Bot) Unknown

China Cup champions

Season Team Name Manager Name
20 JKC Reaction glassdragon
19 LErick_lala LErick
18 sGoal Reunion yfleung
17 barbapapa mafia Garougriffu
16 Tsing Yi MTR Drivers terryleung
15 Tsing Yi MTR Drivers terryleung
14 Tsing Yi MTR Drivers terryleung
13 Tsing Yi MTR Drivers terryleung
12 Tsing Yi MTR Drivers terryleung
11 Honey United MrAhHo
10 Honey United MrAhHo
9 Tsing Yi Friends andy tsh
8 Outsider FC Outsider
7 Ocean Panda Gary Y
6 Aztec Warrior look_yau
5 Ocean Panda Gary Y
4 Happy Boy kelvinwu
3 Tai Po Farmers andrew_hao
2 fishball samuelhei
1 Macau (Bot) Unknown

National Teams

National Team Coaches

World Cup Manager
World Cup X Tocster
World Cup IX Tocster
World Cup VIII rubybaby26
World Cup VII Jude999
World Cup VI Jude999
World Cup V Unknown
World Cup IV Unknown
World Cup III Unknown
World Cup II Unknown
World Cup I Unknown

U-20 Team Coaches

World Cup Manager
U-20 World Cup IX Makkan84
U-20 World Cup VIII soura
U-20 World Cup VII CFC-China
U-20 World Cup VI citizen428
U-20 World Cup V Unknown
U-20 World Cup IV Unknown
U-20 World Cup III Unknown
U-20 World Cup II Unknown
U-20 World Cup I Unknown

Regions of China China

Anhui | Beijing | Chongqing | Fujian | Gansu | Guangdong | Guangxi | Guizhou | Hainan | Hebei | Heilongjiang | Henan | Hubei | Hunan | Jiangsu | Jiangxi | Jilin | Liaoning | Macau | Neimenggu | Ningxia | Qinghai | Shaanxi | Shandong | Shanghai | Shanxi | Sichuan | Tianjin | Xinjiang | Xizang | Yunnan | Zhejiang

Asia and Oceania
Near East Asia:

Armenia (Hayastan) · Azerbaijan (Azərbaycan) · Bahrain (Bahrain) · Georgia (Sakartvelo) · Jordan (Al Urdun) · Iraq (Al Iraq) · Iran (Iran) · Israel (Israel) · Kuwait (Al Kuwayt) · Lebanon (Lubnan) · Oman (Oman) · Pakistan (Pakistan) · Palestine (Palestine) · Qatar (Dawlat Qatar) · Saudi Arabia (Saudi Arabia) · Syria (Suriyah) · United Arab Emirates (United Arab Emirates) · Yemen (Al Yaman)

Middle East Asia:

Bangladesh (Bangladesh) · India (India) · Kazakhstan (Kazakhstan) · Kyrgyzstan (Kyrgyz Republic) · Maldives (Dhivehi Raajje) · Sri Lanka (Sri Lanka) · Uzbekistan (O'zbekiston)

Far East Asia:

Brunei (Brunei) · Burma (Myanmar) · China (China) · Hong Kong (Hong Kong) · Indonesia (Indonesia) · Kampuchea (Prateh Kampuchea) · Japan (Nippon) · South Korea (Hanguk) · Malaysia (Malaysia) · Mongolia (Mongol Uls) · Philippines (Pilipinas) · Singapore (Singapore) · Taiwan (Chinese Taipei) · Thailand (Prathet Thai) · Vietnam (Việt Nam)


Guam (Guam) · Oceania (Oceania)

(see also Asia, Africa and Oceania zone)


Algeria (Algérie) · Angola (Angola) · Benin (Bénin) · Botswana (Botswana) · Cameroon (Cameroon) · Cape Verde (Cabo Verde) · Comoros (Comoros) · RD Congo (DR Congo) · Egypt (Misr) · Ethiopia (Ītyōṗṗyā) · Ghana (Ghana) · Ivory Coast (Côte d'Ivoire) · Kenya (Kenya) · Madagascar (Madagasikara) · Morocco (Al Maghrib) · Mozambique (Moçambique) · Nigeria (Nigeria) · Sao Tome & Principe (São Tomé e Príncipe) · Senegal (Senegal) · South Africa (South Africa) · Tanzania (Tanzania) · Tunisia (Tounes) · Uganda (Uganda) · Zambia (Zambia)