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NT U-20 Taiwan

NT U-21 Taiwan

NT Taiwan

Hattrick Country
Coat of Arms of Taiwan
Location of Taiwan (link to Google map)
Wikipedia page
Currency $
$ = 1€
Time zone Hattrick Time +7
Continent: [[Asia]]
Taiwan HT Country
[[Asia, Africa and Oceania]]
Number of regions: 17
Current local season: 11
Number of teams:
(~ active)
2728 (Active 113)
Level of series: 5
Top series name: Dragon League
National cups: Phoenix Cup (main)
Chinese Taipei Emerald Cup (challenger)
Chinese Taipei Ruby Cup (challenger)
Chinese Taipei Sapphire Cup (challenger)
Chinese Taipei Consolation Cup (third tier)
National teams

The name Chinese Taipei causes a lot of confusion unfortunately.


The league was called Taiwan for 10 seasons. Coinciding with Hattrick being translated into Simplified Chinese to get better access to the big market of Communist China, the league's name was changed to Chinese Taipei. Since FIFA had bowed to pressure from Communist China, the HTs decided that it was best to follow FIFA's lead and not be banned by the communist regime in Mainland China.

The users in Taiwan rebelled against this change, but it was no use. They claimed that calling Taiwan "Chinese Taipei" makes as much sense as calling Mainland China "Chinese Cuba".

In fact, calling the island nation Chinese Taipei could be seen as an imperialistic afront to the aboriginals of the island who have inhabitted the islands since recorded time. Chinese domination of the island only dates back 400 years, about as long as the French presence in Canada. The local aboriginals have more in common with the people's of Polynesia and and South East Asia. In fact, Malayo-Polynesian and Austronesian languages trace their ancestry back to the Formosan language groups spoken in Taiwan.

But the FIFA name stands.


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