Chong Kim Soon

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Personal Information
Full name Chong Kim Soon
Nickname El Kid
Country China China
Position Attacker
Club Information
Current club -
Senior Clubs
Global Seasons Team GP (goals)
28 China Orange Storm _0_(0)
28 -> 34 Belgium Sportieve Senioren _103_(56)
34 -> 36 Sweden Ravanelli bk _19_(19)
36 -> 41 Denmark FC Økologi _91_(57)
41 -> 48 Czech Republic Krokodílci _88_(77)

Chong Kim Soon was a striker of Sportieve Senioren.
He played his last game (334889085) for Krokodílci in Česká republika.
He was known for his agressive style and the loads of cards he received.

Prize shelf

  • Top scorer VI.582 03-04-2010 Became top scorer of VI.582 (Česká republika) for season 26 with 13 goals
  • Top scorer V.9 24-07-2010 Became top scorer of V.9 (Česká republika) for season 27 with 16 goals
  • Top scorer VI.218 05-03-2011 Became top scorer of VI.218 (Česká republika) for season 29 with 16 goals
  • Belgium VIII.1935 VII.358 Denmark VII.80 Czech Republic VI.582
  • Best Sportieve attacker in season 15 Best Sportieve attacker in season 15.