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Club Olimpo (449409)
Official logo for Club Olimpo
Region Provincia de Buenos Aires
Country  Argentina
Geografic area South America
Continent South America
Foundation 02.03.2005
Stadium Roberto N. Carminatti (45 000 seats)
Fan club unofficial (1 926 members)
League VI.654
President Argentina Ricky


Coach Turkey Candaner Aycihan


Prize shelf
Series Champions VI.60(Argentina) Season 44Series Champions VI.294(Argentina) Season 38Series Champions VI.426(Argentina) Season 29

Series Champions VII.302(Argentina) Season 41Series Champions VII.697(Argentina) Season 36Series Champions VII.413(Argentina) Season 32Series Champions VII.891(Argentina) Season 28 Series Champions VIII.142(Argentina) Season 27Series Champions IX.578(Argentina) Season 26

Team colours
Youth Team
Youth Team: Club Olimpo Junior
Youth arena: Predio Club Teléfonos

Club Olimpo is Argentinian football club from Provincia de Buenos Aires.

The Team

Foundation History

Club Olimpo was founded March 2nd, 2005. Until June 2nd, 2008 club was called:

  • PePitO gRiLLo'S TeAm (02.03.2005-20.04.2006)
  • Rosing (20.04.2006-01.08.2006)
  • Smitten 22.30 (01.08.2006-02.06.2008)


Roberto N. Carminatti is the arena of Club Olimpo. It has a total capacity of 45 000.

  • Total capacity: 45 000
  • Terraces: 28 125
  • Basic seating: 11 250
  • Seats under roof: 4 500
  • Seats in VIP boxes: 1 125

Club History


Season League Copa Argentina Trophies Top goalscorer Goals
25 5th in IX.578 none none Hector Pigazzi 6
26 1st in IX.578 1st round Division IX.pngGoldenboot IX.gif Hector Pigazzi 30
27 1st in VIII.142 1st round Division VIII.PNGGoldenboot VIII.gif Matteo Trippodo 10
28 1st in VII.891 1st round Division VII.PNG Jonathan Toledo, Camel Lezica 8
29 1st in VI.426 2nd round Division VI.PNG Anders Westergård, Baldomero Unda 9
30 3rd in VI.426 2nd round none Baldomero Unda 12
31 7th in VI.426 3rd round none unknown -
32 1st in VII.413 1st round Division VII.PNG Samuel Lenormand, Per Eriksson 9
33 5th in VI.390 3rd round none unknown -
34 5th in VI.390 2nd round none Jovan Perisic 8
35 7th in VI.390 3rd round none unknown -
36 1st in VII.697 5th round Division VII.PNG Pier Carlo Pellecchia 13
37 3rd in VI.294 4th round Goldenboot VI.gif Pier Carlo Pellecchia 14
38 1st in VI.294 3rd round Division VI.PNG Pier Carlo Pellecchia 13
39 7th in V.251 4th round none unknown -
40 7th in VI.242 3rd round none unknown -
41 1st in VII.302 2nd round Division VII.PNG Fabian Entres 12
42 4th in VI.60 3rd round none Fabio Di Santo 12
43 4th in VI.60 5th round none Fabio Di Santo 9
44 1st in VI.60 4th round Division VI.PNG Alex Kaur 10
45 8th in V.242 5th round none unknown -

Youth Team

Youth League

Club Olimpo Junior is currently played in Asociacion de inferiores de Argentina.



Predio Club Teléfonos is the arena of Club Olimpo Junior. It has a total capacity of 300.

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