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Essentially, the coach has three abilities: Tactics: "Offensive", "defensive" or "neutral", affecting the teams' performance during the game. Skill: A talented coach knows the right methods of training, allowing young players to improve their abilities faster. Training (see Chapter 17) becomes more effective. The skill can never be better than excellent. Leadership: Even if a coach is good at planning training activities, he might be a bad leader, not inspiring players to give top performances during games. The team spirit might be spoilt if the coach is a weak leader. If your coach disappoints you, you can always get a new one. There are two different ways to go:

  • Recruit a coach externally

Recruiting externally basically means that you hire a new coach. However, you first decide how good you want him to be (trainer skill and leadership) and what trainer type you want (one who favours attack, defence or is neutral).

Each combination of leadership/trainer skill has a fixed price. Then you "buy" him (he is taken from the pool of unemployed coaches - there is still no transfer list or anything like that).

  • Make player coach

This alternative can be somewhat cheaper than the external recruiting - if you have a player with the right coaching material.

There are a few restrictions: The player's experience determines how good a coach he can become. Also, the more experienced he is, the lower his price for a certain skill level. Players keep their leadership (already known to you) and you do not pay for their leadership - so, if you have a very experienced player with high leadership, this can be a real bargain.

However, to prevent "day-trading" of coaches-to-be, we have another restriction: The player must have been in your squad for a season (16 weeks) to be eligible to become coach. While it will still be possible (in principle) to purchase a player in order to make him coach for a little less, it will require more than a season's foresight, and we think that in that case it is OK. In fact, we think long-term planning should pay off.

When you hire a new coach, he becomes the coach of your squad (when he arrives, which may take up to a minute after you ordered him) and the old coach stays in the squad (in case you want to keep him as player). If you don't want him, you will have to fire him. He can never become coach a second time!. Also, you cannot sell a player who has become coach. This is important, as otherwise people would start trading coaches and that is not the kind of system we want. All new teams get initial coaches who are of equal skill level (weak).

All new trainers of a certain skill level are equal. That is, if you purchase a coach with passable trainer skill, he always becomes "average" passable. There is no "high passable" and "low passable" as there were with coaches hired under the old system. However, an excellent coach is only a half-step greater than a solid coach.

Skills deterioration Coaches will slowly have their leadership skills deteriorate. Deterioration will not start until the coach has been in the club for more than a season. Our "in character" reasoning is that a coach that might seem bustling with energy and inspiration when he first arrives, after a few seasons loses some of his "edge". He has simply grown bored with the job.

Finally, once a coach reaches disastrous leadership (and that would typically take perhaps 10 seasons for a coach starting with solid leadership), the deterioration starts hitting his trainer skills instead of the depleted leadership. Let us underline that the deterioration is very slow, although it will go somewhat faster for coaches with very high leadership, so a solid leader might go down to passable after 1-2 seasons (more likely after 2 seasons or more though).

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