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Confidence is a feature that determines how likely you are to score from your scoring chances.

It can be improved by winning, and is always low after a heavy defeat. Hiring Sports psychologists can improve confidence, but you should always be wary of overconfidence

At one time, it was thought that scoring chances went through a two stage process, with attack ratings weighed against defence ratings first and then a final check on confidence performed to decide if the goal was scored. HT-Bjorn has stated in a global conference post that confidence is factored directly into attack ratings and has no other effects, and this was thought to settle the debate. However on 5th of May 2008, as a result of the Hattrick Mythbusters project, HT-Tjecken has determined that there is an additional confidence effect on attacks that is not shown in the ratings, giving the lie to Bjorn's earlier statement.

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