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   | teamname = Conservatives
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   | teamid  = 242117
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   | country  = Scotland
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==Club Honours ==
==Club Honours ==
* [[Image:P1_orange-new.gif]] Series Champions V.117 season 18
* {{divV}} Series Champions V.117 season 18
* [[Image:P1_orange-new.gif]] Series Champions V.77 season 15
* {{divV}} Series Champions V.77 season 15
* [[Image:P1_orange-new.gif]] Series Champions V.77 season 14
* {{divV}} Series Champions V.77 season 14
==Club Records ==
==Club Records ==

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Conservatives (242117)
Managed by Ally-Bazza

LocationStrathclyde Scotland
Fan ClubMichael Airth's Blue and White Army

Conservatives is a Scottish Football Club that plays its football in Scottish V.51. They are based in Strathclyde with a supporters group of 1569.


The Chairman[edit]

The Conservatives were founded in 2005 by a group of local businessman headed by an unknown man who referred to himself as "the Chairman" in his time as manager of the Club, the Conservatives won 3 fifth division titles and had two successive seasons in the fourth division. His first major descision was to increase stadium capacity by 50%. Running up deficits in his first week of playing the game.

The Chairman allowed the club to operate a maximum transfer deficit of £1,000,000. In a strong fiscal conservative stance. He also created something called the "Chairmans Perogative." this is when a player who is disliked by the owner of the club can be banned from playing beyond a certain number of games. This cannot be reversed. Robbie Erskine is the only player to recreive such a cap in appearances.

In his 5 and a half seasons the Chairman doubled capacity at the Conservatives Arena and operated a transfer deficit of £670,000

Michael Airth[edit]

Michael Airth assumed control of the club in 2006 following the clubs relegation to the fifth division. Airth made a massive £500,000 purchase in his first month at the club. Balancing this out with a £475,000 sale of what he called "An Excellent 17 year old scorer".

Airth was an able businessman who invited many great clubs to come and Play at the Conservatives Arena. He gained popularity with six six figure purchases.

As a member of the hall of fame Airth was always a favourite of the supporters and took the controversial desicion of increasing away ticket allocation and renaming the stadium as "The Conference Hall"

Rise of Conservatism[edit]

The Conservatives doubled their fan base quickly in the Early months of Airths stewardship (although 10% of the fanbase would leave) the Conservatives bagged last day wins in the fourth division and although being relegated they intend to come straight back up. The Conservatives also increased stadium capacity by 28%.

The Rise of Conservatism is put down to the clubs attractive financial position.

Ally-Bazza The Man of Two Eras[edit]

Ally-Bazza is the current manager of the conservatives and the only manager of the conservatives. All the clubs honours are his. His ability as a manager has sometimes been quesioned yet he adapted well to a change in ownership and remains the only man for the job. In his stewardship at the club the conservatives have been blessed with increasing talents.

The average TSI of a conservative was 450 ,when Ally-Bazza began working for the club, the modern day side has players of over 10,000 when form is good. And regularly fields sides with an average TSI of just under 3,000.

Ally-Bazza has made 76 transfer moves over his six season management. The most important of these is David Cameron although he personally declares his worst to be Danny Osred. Whom he purchased from a side in his own league. Danny Osred ironically scored against them.

Current Season[edit]

The Conservatives under Ally-Bazza continued to flex their muscles in the lowest possible division of Scottish football. Ally-Bazza maintained a 100% record since returning. After eight games the conservatives have won eight. Scoring thirty-nine goals and conceeding only one. Of all the players in the league it is two conservatives. Axel Van Thuyne (8) and Francesco Sottili (12) who are leading the scoring charts.

The Conservatives immediatley recognised the threat that Milan Dragons posed to their title and started the season with a 3-0 victory against them. However allegations have arose that the Conservatives may well be planning to "throw the league for financial" reasons. In what is called the "Down Fraud"

Club Honours[edit]

  • Division V.PNG Series Champions V.117 season 18
  • Division V.PNG Series Champions V.77 season 15
  • Division V.PNG Series Champions V.77 season 14

Club Records[edit]

  • Most Goals: 43 Robbie Erskine
  • Most Appearances: 191 Robbie Erskine
  • Most Competitive Appearances: 127 Robbie Erskine
  • Most Times Captain: 92 Daniele Monaci
  • Most Goals In a season: 12 Francesco Sottili
  • Clean Sheets: 18 Mihai Cozma

Supporters Groups[edit]

Liberal Left[edit]

The Conservatives have many supporters groups who support a more Liberal agenda at the club. The groups that bring almost 2,000 supporters to the grounds every week demanded that both "Orange and Green" meaning "Rangers and Celtic" clubs would be invited to play at the conservatives arena.

Neo Conservative Right[edit]

Almost 59% of registered Conservative Supporters had demanded low club spending and high loyalty to the traditions of the club. Ally-Bazza won the support of this group when he signed David Cameron. The Neo Conservative right have been accused of using the Conservatives for their own personal gain.

The West Coast Gangstaz[edit]

When the Conservatives Travelled to the WCG (West Coast Gangstaz) fighting occured in the stadium. This was not between home and away supporters but between two groups of Fiscal and Social Conservatives. Eighteen were arrested. Michael Airth claimed he had banned equal numbers of both parties. Yet in truth Strathclyde Police said only 4 fiscal conservatives had been banned compared to 30 Social Conservatives.