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Craig Wozniak
Personal information
Full name Craig Wozniak
Nickname N/A
Position Midfielder
Number 21
Current club Macca's Men
Youth clubs
Professional clubs
Season 11-21
Season 21-28
Season 28-33
The Knights who say Ni!
Kester County
Macca's Men
National team
Season 14-28 England 80 (15)
Teams managed

Craig Wozniak is an English professional footballer and was the first non-Swedish superstar in Hattrick. In recognition of becoming the first player to achieve Divine experience the HT-Developers gave him a pair of sunglasses.


His previous teams include the legendary English sides The Knights who say Ni! and Kester County. The last club he played for was Macca's Men, the team then inducted him into the hall of fame, he now spends most of his time hosting television shows.

During his International career Craig Wozniak made a respectable 80 appearances for his country, served under 3 different managers and captained England on 46 separate occasions. Further statistics of Craig's International career can be seen below

Season(s) Club Country
season 11-21 England The Knights who say Ni! England
season 21-28 England Kester County England
season 28-Present England Macca's Men England

National team

  • Matches: 80 caps
  • Goals: World Cup: 4, Friendly: 11.
  • Bookings: 9 yellow cards, 4 red cards.
  • First International Appearance:

England England 5 - 1 Deutschland Germany (1553670)
(Suffolk, England; 1 March 2002)


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