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Cyclops United (70065)
Cyclops United
Managed by -Cyclops-

LocationNoord-Holland Nederland
ArenaOpen Eye Stadium
Fan ClubHaarlem Visionairs

Cyclops United is a Dutch football club founded on 8 November 2002 by -Cyclops-. It currently plays in division V.90.


Open Eye Stadium, Haarlem
Capacity: 70,000

On 8 November 2002 President Cyclops (then still called RonaldN) took a life-changing decision in taking over bankrupt team AZ Eindhoven. He renamed the club after himself and moved it to his hometown city of Haarlem in the Dutch region Noord-Holland where he had already started to build a small venue for the club's home matches: Cyclops United Arena (which soon was renamed into Open Eye Stadium).

First match[edit]

Two days later Cyclops United played their first ever competition match. At home, in front of 6997 enthusiastic fans, Paap Domineert were held to a 2-2 draw. Coach Jordy Weijers fielded the following eleven players in a 4-4-2 formation:

goal Ronald Pronk (captain)
defense Ronald Ritzen Willem Kamphuis Joop Jehee Ben Dijkslag
midfield Nu'aim al-Nisaburi Merlijn Nedelkovski Bobbie Gillebaard Olav Nouel
attack Mitchell Ernes Lukas Baas

Goals: Lukas Baas (48') and Mitchell Ernes (62'). Cyclops United's man of the match: Nu'aim al-Nisaburi.

The first seasons: a slow start[edit]

Cyclops United's first match was in round twelve of Dutch season 6. And with two draws and one loss the club finished as fifth in division V.424. But because there was no sixth division level in the Netherlands yet, the team didn't have to play a qualification match. The following seasons President Cyclops didn't do a lot with his team: no friendly matches were played and and no main skill training was received by his players, who therefore only grew older and got a bit more experienced. No wonder the club relegated to VI.401 in season 7 and didn't play any role for the championship there.

The first championships[edit]

Not until the middle of season 9 (August 2003) did President Cyclops decide to give more of his valuable time to his club. And it immediately paid off: under the inspiring guidance of player/coach Nu'aim al-Nisaburi all competition matches from week seven on were won, which resulted in Cyclops United winning their first ever title and medal! But still the season was not over. To achieve promotion to V, Cyclops United had to play a qualification match against FC MijnTeam, who had an extremely good goal keeper. But despite that, the Haarlem club scored two goals to make it 2-2 in regular and extra time, so penalties had to decide. Unfortunately, only two CU-players managed to score and promotion had to be postponed.


The next season (10), Cyclops United completely dominated their league, winning the title without any defeats (although they had to come back from 3-0 down to draw 3-3 in their last match) and securing direct promotion to division V!

A higher level[edit]

In their first season in V.114, Cyclops United missed the championship by just eleven minutes. Before round 13 the Haarlem team were third, one point behind joint leaders Hollander and FC PAJICMANIA, who had to play eachother that week. The match ended in a draw and CU went into the last round with a comfortable two point lead and a home match against FC Saza. Saza soon lost a player due to injury and CU scored the 1-0 in the 54th minute. And when the visitors lost a midfielder with a red card in the 77th minute, it looked like all festivities could get started. But Mats Engin works in mysterious ways: two minutes later, FC Saza scored the equaliser and Cyclops United had to settle for third place. The biggest disappointment in the clubs history so far.


Main article: Cyclops United/Results

season league position p/d match cup
6 V.242 5th - (*1)
7 V.242 7th - 1st round
8 VI.401 5th - 1st round
9 VI.401 1st lost (9971336) 1st round
10 VI.401 1st - 2nd round
11 V.114 3rd - 3rd round
12 V.114 7th - 3rd round
13 VI.296 2nd - 5th round
14 VI.296 2nd - 5th round
15 VI.296 2nd - 3rd round
16 VI.296 2nd - 3rd round
17 VI.296 2nd - 4th round
18 VI.296 1st won (83745019) 5th round
19 V.48 1st lost (98034415) 6th round
20 V.48 3rd - 3rd round
21 V.48 4th - 5th round
22 V.48 2nd - 9th round
23 V.48 7th - 4th round
24 VI.106 8th - 2nd round
25 VII.815 7th - 1st round
26 VIII.1295 3rd - 1st round
27 VIII.1295 1st - 1st round
28 VII.123 6th - 1st round
29 VII.123 3rd (*2) - 1st round
30 VI.49 4th - 2nd round
31 VI.49 3rd - 3rd round
32 VI.49 2nd - 2nd round
33 VI.49 1st - 3rd round
34 V.193 4th - 4th round
35 V.193 5th won (348704982) 9th round
36 V.193 2nd - 5th round
37 V.193 1st lost (379731773) 3rd round
38 V.193 1st won (395029677) 5th round
39 IV.45 5th lost (410217544) 6th round
40 V.82 1st won (425256566) 3rd round
41 IV.3 8th - 3rd round
42 V.90 2nd - 3rd round
43 V.90 1st lost (469450952) 5th round
44 V.90 3rd - 1st round
45 V.90 - - -

Dutch seasons. For global seasons add 11.

(*1) Manager -Cyclops- took over Cyclops United near the end of season 6. By then the team was already eliminated from the Dutch cup in which it had reached the second round.
(*2) Cyclops United finished third in the league but were promoted due to 'debotification'.


Present players[edit]

  • Nederland Koert Bruijn (249984852). Cyclops United's first goalie. Was promoted from CU's youth academy at his 17th birthday and has since then played in almost every match.
  • Sverige Mats Engin (25531774). Legendary, but very controversial reserve goalkeeper, who has been accused of match-fixing and influencing matches all over the world. Plays with shirt no. 13.
  • Nederland Raemon van Lingen (160821989). Current coach of Cyclops United (since 10-06-2012). Played 153 competitive matches for CU, in wich he was the team's captain 109 times. Became division top scorer in seasons 29 and 31.

Former players[edit]

  • England Preston Ashurst (44971852). Striker who received the highest number of stars (old system) in a match for Cyclops United: 9,5 stars in a cup match on 13-09-2006 against adamsfamily (95131714, technical/sunny).
  • Nederland Julian Meesters (273566960). Player with the highest TSI in the history of Cyclops United: 229k.
  • Nederland Herman van der Leek (385553393). Best player to come out of CU's youth academy. Was promoted to the first team on 31 August 2013 with a TSI of 3340 and the following skills: DF: 6.1, PM: 6.6, WI: 8.0, PA: 6.5 (no spec.). Three days later he was sold to Fortuna'54 (1012112) for 2,550,000€.

Club legends[edit]

  • Nederland Nu'aim al-Nisaburi (5808017) (wie kent hem niet?). Legendary player-coach, who was Cyclops United's first ever man of the match. Was replaced as a coach weeks before the introduction of the Hall of Fame. In his honor the club retired his no. 10 shirt. Unfortunately, after a few spells as a coach around the world, he was deleted from the HT-database.

Hall of Fame[edit]

  • Polska Michał Żukowski (21108236) (since 27-07-2007). Former player and coach. Nowadays a very successful football agent.
  • Nederland Mitchell Ernes (5808021) (since 24-03-2008). Member of the first line-up ever of Cyclops United and scorer of the second goal of the club ever. Nowadays an actor in a very successful children's television series.
  • Nederland Merlijn Nedelkovski (5808018) (since 01-03-2009). Another member of that first line-up. Bought back in January 2008 and introduced into the Hall of Fame on his 40th birthday in 2009. After his football career he became a youth coach with Cyclops United, but was appointed as the new club secretary on 6 June 2011.
  • Italia Raffaele Gervasutti (90825087) (since 08-08-2010). Longest serving coach (almost eleven seasons) in the history of the club. Reached round nine of the Dutch Cup in his first year. A conflict between him and the players resulted in him being released by President Cyclops at the end of season 31.
  • Sverige Mats Engin (80125238) (since 23-11-2011). Not the legendary/controversial ruler of HT, but his namesake, who really hadn't much to offer to the team except for his name. Now the Head Equipment Manager for Cyclops United.
  • România Eduard Uvarov (91323983) (since 04-05-2012). Last foreign player to play for Cyclops United on a regular base. He played 86 competitive matches for the club (155 in total) and is now working as a PR-manager for Cyclops United's shirt sponsor Purl.
  • Nederland Constant Bootsma (188140006) (since 19-12-2012). Defender who played 271 matches for Cyclops United despite his limited talents. Product of Cyclops United's youth academy and nowadays working for that same academy!


period country name playerid
08-11-2002 - 04-09-2003 Nederland Jordy Weijers (5808011)
04-09-2003 - 26-04-2004 Nederland Frank van Noort (5167864)
26-04-2004 - 20-06-2004 Polska Piotr Dziuba (interim) unknown
20-06-2004 - 20-12-2005 Nederland Nu'aim al-Nisaburi (5808017)
20-12-2005 - 27-07-2007 Polska Michał Żukowski (21108236)
27-07-2007 - 08-08-2010 Italia Raffaele Gervasutti (90825087)
08-08-2010 - 10-06-2012 España Francisco Antonio Artigas (54159757)
10-06-2012 - 30-11-2014 Nederland Raemon van Lingen (160821989)
30-11-2014 - present Nederland Khatib Askari (238203337)


season home away
27 Cyclops United Kit01 Home.png Cyclops United Kit01 Away.png
28 - 30 Cyclops United Kit02 Home.png Cyclops United Kit02 Away.png


Main article: Cyclops United/Records


record value date round match matchid score type
Highest rating 308 05-02-2012 S36R14 BV1 (813125) - Cyclops United (359178908) 2-1 comp
Lowest rating 50 10-11-2002 S06R12 Cyclops United - Paap domineert (70066) (3113768) 2-2 comp.
Highest number of stars 64.0 03-06-2007 S21R10 2xgeelisrood (149404) - Cyclops United (121864046) 3-1 comp.
Lowest number of stars 13.0 10-11-2002 S06R12 Cyclops United - Paap domineert (70066) (3113768) 2-2 comp.



record value date round player matchid score type
Highest number of stars 9.5 13-09-2006 S19R05 Preston Ashurst (44971852) (95131714) 6-2 cup
Highest number of goals 5 01-12-2010 S33R01 Aard Hesp (239960183) (302520118) 0-7 cup
Fastest hattrick 7 mins 07-08-2011 S35R04 Co Nieuwenhuizen (231993247) (343625935) 3-4 comp.


record value player season
Most goals in competition 18 Raemon van Lingen (160821989) 29


Cyclops United is currently supported by the following managers/teams:

no. country manager club teamid since
1 Nederland Markov Drienerlodudes (146663) 22-10-2003
2 Nederland Hoveling KDV'95 (359674) 08-06-2004
3 Nederland mschr FC Van Wanrooy Vooruit (212179) 27-06-2004
4 Nederland Mokum Amsterdam United FC (209308) 14-10-2004
5 Nederland GM-erikotn SterreStorm (212911) 19-04-2006
6 Nederland LA-joice LJJ02 (145827) 24-01-2007
7 Nederland GeorgeWB Enduring Freedom (68168) 24-01-2007
8 Nederland RollyJoger Schiekampse Boys (143055) 26-12-2007
9 Nederland Baso01 SMOE (816547) 04-01-2008
10 Nederland Haroldinho Haroldinho Wanderers (811038) 21-01-2008
11 Nederland Slagers Ef Cee (144447) 13-01-2009
12 Nederland Labrador71 Branco 09 (207453) 26-07-2009
13 Nederland Denzoil Dynamo Fietse (817426) 14-12-2009
14 Nederland Jomani the Wizards FC 2.0 (1232842) 01-09-2010
15 Nederland Mike666 Mike's 666's (1007442) 02-09-2010
16 Nederland Kloron Westerdok Warriors (1318247) 21-01-2011
17 Nederland Vince_Almighty Vince Almighty (1229073) 17-07-2011
18 Nederland GM-eekels Grasmatadoren (768188) 17-07-2011
19 Nederland Troeter FC de Troeters (365602) 15-07-2012
20 Nederland KenniZ Kennemerland6 (207977) 28-02-2012
21 Nederland bakkefean BV1 (813125) 15-05-2012
22 Nederland Mau-Risico Badile 2 (767921) 24-10-2012
23 Nederland 8erhoeker Grolsche Boys (1005579) 24-10-2012
24 Nederland jove73 Jupiter's Paradiso FC (210313) 02-02-2013
25 Nederland Marc- Kings Squad (21350) 05-03-2013
26 Nederland Jupiler11 Kung Pao Buckaroos (811210) 20-03-2013
27 France kingolos alivert (1160119) 08-04-2013
28 Nederland dynamosmurfen Real Dynamo Smurfen F.C. (506056) 09-04-2013
29 Nederland Petrovitsj FC De Lobben (21180) 21-04-2013