Darren Dunbar

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Personal Information
Full name Darren Dunbar
Nickname Triple D
Country Ireland
Position Forward
Club Information
Current club Danmark GrønneStjerner
Senior Clubs1
Ireland Clarinbridge City
Belgium Forza KV
Ireland harponators
China Temporary Team
Norge Vargar FK
Danmark GrønneStjerner
Global Seasons Team Games
Danmark GrønneStjerner

Darren Dunbar (35573067), born in Clarinbridge, Co. Galway is Ireland's most famous ever player. He is currently an excellent player/coach at GrønneStjerner in Danmark. He holds the record for most international caps (160) and goals for his country. He's also in joint second place in terms of U-20 caps (40), one behind Jermaine Brown.

Memorable moments[edit]

  • 02-07-2004 20:00 Made his debut in the National squad for U-20 Ireland.
  • 23-09-2005 20:00 Gained his first cap as he debuts for the National A squad of Ireland.
  • 23-02-2009 20:00 Made his debut in the Hattrick Masters for GrønneStjerner.