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==See Also==
==See Also==
[[Daytrader]]s for a list of teams
[[Daytrader]]s for a list of teams
[[http://acorduri.org/index.php?s=d649434c864bfeda8853351a3594e983&|Divine Trading Federation]]
[[http://acorduri.org/index.php?s=d649434c864bfeda8853351a3594e983&|Divine Trading Federation]]

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The practice of buying players and (attempting to) sell them for a higher price shortly afterwards, without training them (as opposed to skill trading).

Some argue that daytrading has a beneficial effect in the Hattrick economy since it levels the prices.

Nowdays daytrading is not as widely practised as it used to be since there are some changes made in the game to reduce it. Among the changes are higher agent fees for sold players and a higher effect on the Team Spirit caused by buying and selling players.

Arguably the most important change is the ability to search by region, meaning there are only 8 different markets for everyone to look through, rather than 80+ separate countries as there were previously.

Types of Daytrading

  • Skilltrading - the practice of buying players that are close to increasing their main or secondary skill by one level, training them for one or two weeks, and selling them after that for profit

See Also

Daytraders for a list of teams

[Trading Federation]