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KSG Borbetomagus (130253)
KSG Borbetomagus.png
managed by GermanyLirion
Full name Kultur- und Sportgemeinschaft Borbetomagus
Abbreviation KSGB
Nickname Vangionen
Founded 16. 07. 2010
Location Rheinland-Pfalz, Germany
Ground Vangionenarena am Borbeta
Size 12000
Fanclub Pfrimmkelten auf Eroberungstour
President TBD
Coach Czech Republic Juraj Hošek

Netherlands Mats van der Zwan (advisory)

League X.4010
Pos. (last
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updated on: 2010-07-17

Die KSG Borbetomagus Pfiffligheim-Hochheim ist ein Fußballklub aus Worms. KSG steht hierbei für "Kultur- und Sportgemeinschaft". Der Name Borbetomagus stammt vom keltischen Namen für die Stadt Worms, und bedeutete "Feld am Borbeta".

Die Klubheimat ist die Vangionenarena am Borbeta. Sie befindet sich in der nähe des Pfrimmparks zwischen Pfiffligheim and Hochheim (Rhein).


Club colours and symbols

Coat of arms

The circle with the implied crosslines and its green colour refer to the celtic history of the city Worms, as well as the orange line in the background. Green and orange are exactly the same colours as defined by the Republic of Ireland for their flag.

The symbols in the circle are the blue "Wolfssense" (wolfsscythe) of the Coat of Arms of Pfiffligheim and the helmet of the Coat of Arms of Worms-Hochheim. The stars on the edge of the circle also are part of the coat of arms of Pfiffligheim.


The home jerseys and the colours of the circle of the KSG's coat of arms are a reference to the relation of club and city to Celtic ancestry and symbols. The combination white-red-gold-blue again are a combination of Pfiffligheim's and Hochheim's colours. Both can be found regularly among the club's fans.


As within the short period between idea and realisation of partaking in the current season there was no sponsor announcing himself as "the" main sponsor, the team liberately chose to support Farben Wiegand from Worms-Hochheim by displaying their logo on the jersey for the season's ending period.

Caution: This is an article within the scope of and is fiction! If you're not affiliated with and/or its partners, don't take this seriously for your own life!

Club History

The first season

The club's history began as successor to the 1. FC Lungenkrebs in the X.4010 league of Germany. The team entered the competition ranked 2nd, runners-up to ASV Waldsassen with a margin of 3 points; 2 games remained until the season was complete. In the final match they would meet their direct competitor.

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League Placings

Season League Pos Pts Pld W D L GF GA GD Cup Top Scorer
42* X.4010 2 36
- 3 Germany Hannes Halberg
43 - - - - - - - - - - - -

* In Season 42, the KSG Borbetomagus were successor to the 1. FC Lungenkrebs, so the first line indicates all results accumulated and the second one those of the KSGB. Top scorers are calculated through the KSGB matches only.



Season 42
Date Opponent Venue Score Result
17.07.2010 Vodka-Bull A 9-0 W
24.07.2010 ASV Waldsassen H - -


Season 42
Date Opponent Venue Score Result
21.07.2010 Spain UE Les Pobles A - -


  • none

Hall of Fame

  • none


Seas. Name Achievements/Notes
42-42 Netherlands Mats van der Zwan First coach of the KSGB. Was substituted due to lack of innovative skill. Achieved a 9-0 away victory in his first and only game.
42- Czech Republic Juraj Hošek

Former notable players

  • none

Current Squad

Pos. Nat. Name Eins. Alter
GK Germany Marc Burkhalter - 25
GK Romania Pavel Nicolescu 1 17
GK Portugal Agostinho Rosa - 23
GK Germany Matthias Hempen - 18
DF Norway Børre Olsen 1 26
DF Sweden Noa Pettersson 1 23
DF Germany Hauke-Klaus Schneidhofer - 22
DF Germany Sascha Vorburg 1 20
DF Germany Domenic Rickert - 27
DF Germany Hinnerk Zindt - 29
DF GermanyPoland Józef Korbeń - 25
DF Germany Rolef Raus 1 26
DF Germany Stephan Ankum 1 23
MF Germany Konrad Holt 1 25
MF Romania Radu Mitrea 1 18
MF Germany Axel Spaetauf - 21
MF Sweden Tim Åhlfeldt 1 17
MF Hungary Bálint Kasik 1 17
MF Germany Dirck Bodenski - 22
MF Germany Franz Leon - 26
MF Germany Marc Arnold Grinski - 25
MF Poland Bronisław Godek - 18
MF Chile Norberto Pérez 1 19
FW Germany Frank Leimser 1 22
FW Germany Hannes Halberg 1 25
FW Netherlands Javier Welmers - 18
FW Germany Nick Höhmann 1 23
FW Estonia Silver Allikas - 17