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'''De Fantastiska Fyra''' is a [[Youth Academy|Youth League]]. The managers aspire for a federation of their own, but as in all great groups (Fantastic 4, I En Annan Del Av Köping) '''DFF''' has four members, which is too few for a federation.
'''De Fantastiska Fyra''' is a [[Youth Academy|Youth League]]. The managers aspire for a federation of their own, but as in all great groups (Fantastic 4, I En Annan Del Av Köping) DFF has four members, which is too few for a federation.
DFF was founded 18 March 2007 (?) when they highjacked a non-active leagueconference.
After the break-up of lovers [[User:Big T|big_T]] & [[User:Mallot|Mallot]], [[User:Mallot|Mallot]] was excluded from the group, leaving the three remaing members as '''De fantastiska tre''' or '''DFT'''. The interest of hattrick soon went down to almost zero and [[User:Attif|attif]] even lost his team.
The future of DFT/DFF didn't look bright, but suddenly something happend with [[User:Big T|big_T]] & [[User:Artie|artie]]. New players were bought, Hattrick Supporter was renewed and a new user, named [[User:Larz attif|Larz-attif]] applied for a team. DFT was once again. The three handsome guys figured they could once again have a [[Youth Academy|Youth League]]. Even more, now there was a feature called [[Tournaments]] that they all wanted to be a part of. But they needed a fourth member. [[User:Artie|artie]] suggested [[User:Naxon|naxon]] and after hard negotiations he was invited to DFT with guest. After the first tournament [[User:Naxon|naxon]] become a official member, and De Fantastiska Fyra was back for real!
===Current Members===
*[[User:Attif|attif]] (Larz Laddar/Larz Lusar)
*[[User:Larz attif|Larz-attif]] (Larz Bollar/Larz Studsbollar) the Gigolo
*[[User:Artie|artie]] (Robmasters/Robusters)
*[[User:Artie|artie]] (Robmasters/Robusters) the Smart
*[[User:Big T|big_T]] (Lokomotiv Skogen Football Club/Lokomotiv Skogen Football Club Youth)
*[[User:Big T|big_T]] (Lokomotiv Skogen Football Club/Lokomotiv Plantan Football Club) the Cool
*[[User:Mallot|mallot]] (Mallgrodornas BK/Grodynglens BK)
*[[User:Naxon|naxon]] (San Marinos Nationalgarde/San Marinos Avantgarde) the Baby
===Former Members===
*[[User:Mallot|Mallot]] (Mallgrodornas BK/Grodynglens BK) the Slut
*[[User:Attif|attif]] (Larz Laddar/Larz Lusar) the Sexy
==Youth League==
===Historical Standings===
==Historical Standings==
<table border=1 width=100%>
<table border=1 width=100%><tr><td>TEAM</td><td>GP</td><td>W</td><td>D</td><td>T</td><td>GF</td><td>GA</td><td>DIFF</td><td>PTS</td></tr>
<tr><td></td><td colspan=8>Home</td><td colspan=8>Away</td><td colspan=8>Total</td>
<tr><td>Lokomotiv Skogen Football Club Youth</td><td>49</td><td>28</td><td>15</td><td>6</td><td>125</td><td>87</td><td>38</td><td>90</td></tr>
<tr><td>Grodynglens BK</td><td>49</td><td>21</td><td>25</td><td>3</td><td>110</td><td>134</td><td>-24</td><td>66</td></tr>
<tr><td>Larz Laddar</td><td>49</td><td>14</td><td>25</td><td>10</td><td>76</td><td>91</td><td>-15</td><td>52</td></tr></table>
<tr bgcolor=grey><td>Lokomotiv Skogen FC Youth</td>
<tr bgcolor=grey><td>Grodynglens BK</td>
<tr><td>Larz Laddar</td>
===Previous Winners===
==Previous Winners==
<table width=100% border=1><tr><th width=20%>Season</th><th widht=40%>Winner</th><th width=40%>Runner Up</th></tr>
*Season 1: Larz Lusar ([[User:Attif|attif]])
<tr bgcolor=grey><td>Season 1:</td><td>Larz Lusar ([[User:Attif|attif]])</td><td>Lokomotiv Skogen FC Youth ([[User:Big T|big_T]])</td></tr>
*Season 2: Grodynglens BK ([[User:Mallot|mallot]])
<tr><td>Season 2:</td><td>Robusters ([[User:Artie|artie]])</td><td>Larz Lusar ([[User:Attif|attif]])</td></tr>
*Season 3: Robusters ([[User:Artie|artie]])
<tr bgcolor=grey><td>Season 3:</td><td>Grodynglens BK ([[User:Mallot|mallot]])</td><td>Robusters ([[User:Artie|artie]])</td></tr>
*Season 4: Lokomotiv Skogen Football Club Youth ([[User:Big T|big_T]])
<tr><td>Season 4:</td><td>Lokomotiv Skogen FC Youth ([[User:Big T|big_T]])</td><td>Robusters ([[User:Artie|artie]])</td></tr>
*Season 5: Grodynglens BK ([[User:Mallot|mallot]])
<tr bgcolor=grey><td>Season 5:</td><td>Grodynglens BK ([[User:Mallot|mallot]])</td><td>Lokomotiv Skogen FC Youth ([[User:Big T|big_T]])</td></tr>
*Season 6: Lokomotiv Skogen Football Club Youth ([[User:Big T|big_T]])
<tr><td>Season 6:</td><td>Lokomotiv Skogen FC Youth ([[User:Big T|big_T]])</td><td>Robusters ([[User:Artie|artie]])</td></tr>
*Season 7: Robusters ([[User:Artie|artie]])
<tr bgcolor=grey><td>Season 7:</td><td>Robusters ([[User:Artie|artie]])</td><td>Lokomotiv Skogen FC Youth ([[User:Big T|big_T]])</td></tr>
*Season 8: Lokomotiv Skogen Football Club Youth ([[User:Big T|big_T]])
<tr><td>Season 8:</td><td>Lokomotiv Skogen FC Youth ([[User:Big T|big_T]])</td><td>Grodynglens BK ([[User:Mallot|mallot]])</td></tr>
<tr bgcolor=grey><td>Season 9:</td><td>Larz Lusar ([[User:Attif|attif]])</td><td>Lokomotiv Skogen FC Youth ([[User:Big T|big_T]])</td></tr>
<tr><td>Season 10:</td><td>Lokomotiv Skogen FC Youth ([[User:Big T|big_T]])</td><td>Larz Lusar ([[User:Attif|attif]])</td></tr>
<tr bgcolor=grey><td>Season 11:</td><td>Lokomotiv Skogen FC Youth ([[User:Big T|big_T]])</td><td>???</td></tr>
==Team Of The Season==
==Team Of The Season==
*Season 33: Lokomotiv Skogen Football Club ([[User:Big T|big_T]])
*Season 34: Larz Laddar ([[User:Attif|attif]])
*Season 34: Larz Laddar ([[User:Attif|attif]])
*Season 33: Lokomotiv Skogen Football Club ([[User:Big T|big_T]])
((During the season 30-32 no Team Of The Season was awarded. Robmasters claims that he earns the title but the others in DFF voted him down))
This far, three official DFF events have taken place. The list will probably be longer very soon.
===Helsinki Risteily===
During the fall 2007, it was decided that DFF should participate on a cruise to Helsinki. [[User:Big T|big_T]] was defending champion in the youth league (as usual) and had authority to select artie as chairman of the cruise committe.
===New Year's Eve===
A big occasion. The party was in the big_T/Mallot-home. Other people that wanted to celebrate the new year with DFF was [[User:Peedyweedy|peedyweedy]] and Kjelle (Non-HT-player). At a short time a securitas-guard named Johan was at the party.
===February 26===
Attif's/Larz's birthday on 26 Febraury 1984 gave DFF another reason to get together, drunk and severely unhealthy about 24 years later. Thanks to the generosity shown by the three non-birthday-boys towards the birthday-boy there was a lot of drinking and other less sophisticated forms of celebrations. Joining in on a grander party involving the majority of Larz's neighbours, the amazing quartet soon found themselves the centre of attention. 
[[Category:Youth Leagues|De fantastiska fyra]]
[[Category:Youth Academy|De fantastiska fyra]]

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