De Fantastiska Fyra

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De Fantastiska Fyra is a Youth League. The managers aspire for a federation of their own, but as in all great groups (Fantastic 4, I En Annan Del Av Köping) DFF has four members, which is too few for a federation.


  • attif (Larz Laddar/Larz Lusar)
  • artie (Robmasters/Robusters)
  • big_T (Lokomotiv Skogen Football Club/Lokomotiv Skogen Football Club Youth)
  • mallot (Mallgrodornas BK/Grodynglens BK)

Youth League

Historical Standings

Lokomotiv Skogen Football Club Youth4928156125873890
Grodynglens BK4921253110134-2466
Larz Laddar491524107790-1355

Previous Winners

  • Season 1: Larz Lusar (attif)
  • Season 2: Grodynglens BK (mallot)
  • Season 3: Robusters (artie)
  • Season 4: Lokomotiv Skogen Football Club Youth (big_T)
  • Season 5: Grodynglens BK (mallot)
  • Season 6: Lokomotiv Skogen Football Club Youth (big_T)
  • Season 7: Robusters (artie)
  • Season 8: Lokomotiv Skogen Football Club Youth (big_T)

Team Of The Season

  • Season 33: Lokomotiv Skogen Football Club (big_T)
  • Season 34: Larz Laddar (attif)


This far, two official DFF events have taken place. The list will probably be longer very soon.

Helsinki Risteily

During the fall 2007, it was decided that DFF should participate on a cruise to Helsinki. big_T was defending champion in the youth league and had authority to select artie as chairman of the cruise committe.

February 26