De schoppende schurken

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de schoppende schurken (367573)
de schoppende schurken
Managed by Ferank
Club information
LocationZuid-Holland Nederland
Arenade schoppende schurken Arena
Fan ClubDe Daltons

De schoppende schurken

Dutch team owned by Ferank and currently playing in the Dutch VI.770.


de schoppende schurken was founded 29-12-2003 in the Dutch League. de schoppende schurken started in the league VIII.1009. After five seasons the club promoted to the V.77. Not because they played well, but because of the fact they had a lot of money, and used it to buy referees. It's a public secret, yet never proved.

They are still in the V.77. Here, the referees are honest and not bribable, so they're having quite a though time.


Important players

Hinko van Lannoy playerid 4155173. The Hero of our club. Now that he is injured, everything is going wrong. Like losing in cup and competition matches... Well, to be honest, this team sucks anyway. It's because of its owner. He's a real loser.