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The correct title of this page is deancar. It appears incorrectly here because of technical restrictions.

deancar (152657)
HT-User: Deancarmeli
Country: Template:Flag/ISRn
Region: Tel Aviv
Prize shelf: P1 brown-new.gif
Arena: deancar Arena (152657)
Series: V.153
Fan club: about 2000

deancar was founded by Dean Carmeli (HT-Username: Deancarmeli) on 17.03.2006. The team trained goalies on it's first season. Afterwards, the team changed it's training to Wing for the next 2 seasons and from that moment trained playmaking. The team is playing now days in V.153.

The team finished her 5th full season rank in the 5th place from all the teams started at March 2006, by alltid

History and Achievements


  • 7th Place in VI.1022 Season 12 (Only 3 matches)
  • 5th Place in VI.896 Season 13
  • 5th Place in VI.896 Season 14
  • 3th Place in VI.896 Season 15
  • 1st Place in VI.896 Season 16
  • 3th Place in V.153 Season 17
  •  ? Place in V.153 Season 18


  • 1st Round Season 13
  • 2nd Round Season 14
  • 2nd Round Season 15
  • 3rd Round Season 16
  • 3rd Round Season 17
  • ? Round Season 18