Defending training

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This training type trains the defending skill for all central defender and wingbacks. About 13% of the managers train defending. Note that defensive positions also trains the defending skill, for more players (midfield as well) but at a slower rate.


  • Training defenders is traditionally the most profitable training regime
  • Up to ten players may be trained every week, the maximum among primary skill training regimes
  • Interesting tactical options, involving CA, and different uses of wingbacks


  • Due to maximal training depending on playing five defenders each game, the attack and midfield of a defense trainer is necessarily weakened, as half the team is playing in defense.
  • Managers must choose between training at maximum potential, or switching to a 'better' formation with fewer players at the back in league games
  • Defence trainers often need to buy defenders with passing, enabling them to counter attack. These players will not recoup full value at the time of selling
  • Training is the slowest of the main training types
  • Lack of goals means supporters are reluctant to follow your club
  • Can be boring, as players take some time to increase in skill, and games are low scoring
  • Difficult for newbies, as defence is less important in lower series.