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A derby is when two teams from the same region play against one another in a competitive match. Both teams receive the usual home field advantage; there are no other differences. When each team receives the home field advantage, on-field events & match outcomes will tend to favor the more-skilled team. Conversely the less-skilled team loses the ability to take advantage of the home field; to win an upset in the match that they host. In a qualifier or cup match, where there is no return match, the nominal away side benefits.

A part of the Hattrick lore is that, at one time, derbies also gave an attendance boost, leading some series to relocate entirely into the same region to reap greater attendance income. HT-Hasse has stated on in the Global conference that this is not the case—there has never been an attendance boost for derbies.

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From: HT-Hasse (4818792.15) as reply to (4818792.1)
To: gonzalviyo 7-1-2006 at 00:46
Hi, I've got one doubt I can't remember, did derbies in the past report more people to the stadium than matches between teams of two different regions? Thanks ;)

No. That has never been the case.

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