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Drinkteam United (1437115)
Full name Drinkteam United
Nickname lleida
Founded November, 15, 2006
Arena Municipal de Prullans
Total capacity 28.000 (since 09/30/08)
Region Catalunya
Country Template:Flag/ESP España
Fan club Les Xiquetes del Lleida
Coach Nicolás Civo de Sopranis (142311602)
League VI.886
The Series Champions VIII.1430 season 23
The Diego Fraxanet (145738745)

Top scorer of X.1267 for season 22

The Series Champions IX.1066 season 20
The Series Champions X.1267 season 19
The Isidre Fayas (142311599)

Top scorer of X.1267 for season 19

The Manager license
Update: October 7th, 2008

Drinkteam United is a Hattrick football team from Spain joined on November, 15, 2006 by lleida. As well as having a virtual team in this game, is also a real team which plays frequently in diferent championships in Catalonia.