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Drinkteam United
Drinkteam United
Full name Drinkteam United
Manager lleida
Founded November 28, 2006
Arena Municipal de Prullans
Total Capacity 28.000 (since 09-30-08)
Region Template:Flag/CAT Catalunya
Country Template:Flag/ESP España
Fan club Les Xiquetes del Lleida
Coach Nicolás Civo de Sopranis
League VI.886
Series champion VIII.1430 season 23
Series champion VIII.1430 season 23
Series champion IX.1066 season 20
Series champion IX.1066 season 20
Series champion X.1267 season 19

Top scorer of the VIII.1430 season 22
Diego Fraxanet

Top scorer of the VIII.1430 season 22

Top scorer of the X.1267 season 19
Isidre Fayas

Top scorer of the X.1267 season 19

Manager license
Manager license

Last update: October 8, 2008

Drinkteam United is a Hattrick football team from España joined on November 28, 2006 by lleida. As well as having a virtual team in this game, is also a real team which plays frequently in diferent championships in Catalunya.

Club History

Before lleida took control and renamed it Drinkteam United, the team was called los awados from May 14, 2006 until September 30, 2006 and estrelles cf from October 1, 2006 until November 27, 2006.

The beginnings

Drinkteam United started in Hattrick in X.1267, although its first match was a friendly with disappeared Alcanó and lost 4-1. Despite this defeat, the team makes a great season and wins the championship and promotes, in a constant duel with Pla De Na Tesa.
Next season, in IX.1066, the team makes same success and wins again the championship, this time, waiting for the last week.


Drinkteam's arrival to the VIII.1430 with first participation in the Copa España also brought new challenges and started team renovation. The first one was the coach, Ricardo Jorge Peixoto, fired for internal discrepancies, and after him, came new players with more experience and abilities. It was also the time to start Municipal de Prullans Arena enlargements. Total capacity will grow up gradually.

Hall of Fame


Template:Flag/ESP Nicolás Civo de Sopranis: was first captain and now the coach. Took the team to the VI.886.
Template:Flag/SUI Pompeo Vanoni: took the team with some doubts and never conviced fans.
Template:Flag/POR Ricardo Jorge Peixoto: the coach with more trophies, two championships in two seasons.
Template:Flag/ESP Omar Cardia: was in charge two days.

Memorable players


Toukta Batachikhan was rescued from a Belgian team after he left his natal country Mongol Uls and it was lleida's personal bet. He played mostly friendly matches until he could player in competitive lineups. He went out to earn more money.


Divyendu Kumar was a young player from Trinidad & Tobago bought by the club when he was 17. His progression was spectacular (he started with TSI 150 and ended with TSI 10 380) and he became the best third player in his position with his age, but U-20 National Coach negative didn't allow him to play in his national team.


Endika Cegarra was the most expensive signing for the team in that moment, which payed 100 000 € for him. His shootings in set pieces were afraid of X.1267 and IX.1066 groups. When the team went to VIII.1430 he became substitute and he decided to go to another team.


Chen Hou-Sheng surprised everybody when he made his first press conference in Chinese although he was Canadian, as well as he was 29 years old. He was the first player to reach 5 stars in a match and a basic piece of midfield team during the seasons in VIII.1430. He was bought for 500 000 € and sold for 600 000 € with 32 years old!


Nicolás Civo de Sopranis came with the original squad. Although he started playing with Drinkteam at age 29, he became the captain and he was indisputable permament as forward in all competitive matches until he got retired. He is now the coach and he has managed to promote the team to the VI.886.

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