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EFC. (77726)
Managed by orestes1984
Club information
LocationTahiti Oceania
ArenaLions Den
Fan ClubThe Extra Ordinaries

General Info

EFC. were founded by orestes1984 on the 22nd of January 2004 as Extraordinary, later becoming Extraordinary FC, EFC Lions and finally almost 5 years since the clubs inception they became EFC on the 17th of January 2009.

At the time the club was created there was an inside joke with the owner and his players, The story of it is narrated by club owner orestes1984 as follows.

"As you well know when you start a new club you get a team full of talentless hacks and so the Extra Ordinariness came to be. As seasons passed and the team progressed the name of the club began to change to suit the fact that the quality of the players improved. As a legacy to the clubs beginnings however the name now lives on in the form of the fan club name. Thus the Extra Ordanaries were imortalised for players past and present as well as a select few members of the public"

Current Match Kits

Home Away
http://res.hattrick.org/kits/5/41/406/405553/matchKitLarge.png http://res.hattrick.org/kits/5/42/420/419023/matchKitLarge.png

Club History

  • 22/01/2004 The club changed owner as orestes1984 took control and renamed it extraordinary (Global Season #21)
  • 08/06/2004 extraordinary was renamed to Extraordinary FC
  • 08/05/2005 Extraordinary FC was renamed to EFC Lions
  • 17/01/2009 EFC Lions was renamed to EFC.

Prize Shelf

Division V.PNG V.222 season 17
Division V.PNG V.3 season 19
Division V.PNG V.1 season 25

Current players

Number Name Age Position Joined Cost ($AU)
1. Template:Flag/OCE Edison Savage 28 GK 27/09/08 8 628 000
2. Template:Flag/ARG Nereo Britos 32 CD 01/03/09 3 100 000
3. Template:Flag/ARG Alberto Balcarce 29 CD 10/02/09 1 530 000
4. Template:Flag/CHI Bautista Ward 33 CD 18/02/09 1 854 000
5. Template:Flag/NED Janno Willaerts 20 IM 14/05/08 1 912 000
6. Template:Flag/NED Dick van Oven 20 IM 24/05/08 4 162 000
7. Template:Flag/BEL Yarne Stale 18 IM 27/11/08 6 000 000
8. Template:Flag/LTU Aras Viedrynaitis 20 IM 15/05/08 3 753 086
9. Template:Flag/SWE Mats Toresson 20 IM 24/05/08 5 200 000
10. Template:Flag/POL Alfred Kleindienst 29 FW 08/03/09 4 161 600
11. Template:Flag/SWE Erik Ridell 29 FW 10/03/09 4 800 000
13. Template:Flag/GER Uwe Potter 28 CD 31/03/09 1 800 000
15. Template:Flag/OCE David Grady 28 FW N/A Original
16. Template:Flag/FIN Henri Kultti 20 W 29/05/08 3 000 000
17. Template:Flag/OCE Jope Johnson 17 IM 22/03/09 2 000 000
18. Template:Flag/OCE Rob Sutter 17 IM N/A Original
23. Template:Flag/POL Teofil Ruszczyk 20 W 26/05/08 4 800 000

Club Legends

Himi Weaver

One of EFC's first prodigious club members Himi Weaver went on to be the clubs first formidable goal keeper leaving EFC. in 2004 for greener pastures Himi solid for $AU 2,276,000 when he was transferred to Tropical Storm FC. Many months later however when the then new manager of EFC. Orestes1984 made some mistaks with Arena calculations Himi Weaver was transferred again this time to Oceanian Giants Not MU, it was with the transfer fees of $AU 13,900,000 that EFC. made its first significant mother club transfer, a transfer that allowed EFC. to clear debts from its early financial blunder.

It has been hoped since then and for some time since that Himi will one day return to the club that is forever in gratitude for getting it out of trouble and with his leadership abilities if the timing is right he may go on to be EFC's first mother club coach.

Karl Vereker

Training hard Karl Vereker became the first EFC. Player to represent Oceania, as an U20 keeping prodigy Vereker went on to be EFC's first divine trainee and later became Oceania's first choice U20 keeper for 13 games. Unfortunately as with the number 13 this would be Verekers last game for the U20 team and due to his injury he was later transfer listed and sold to Wogs Utd. At Wogs he became first choice keeper and later went on to represent the national team proper for Oceania where he has since picked up more than 40 caps and remains Oceania's first choice multiskilled keeper.