Ed Cant

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Promoted from: Edmonton Vikings
Season 3, Week 11

Current owner: squadra goaletta
National Caps: 10


Ed Cant was promoted one month later than Super Star Herman Ife by the Vikings, although a truly skilled forward getting caps both in the U-20 Team and the National Team, he never got to play in a World Cup match. He was selected in Team Canada in preparation for the World Cup in Nederland, meanwhile Edmonton Vikings sold him to Barrington Barons. He only played National friendlies and Neil Pemberton was prefered over him for the World Cup matches. Following this, Ed Cant was removed from the National Side. He still was a starter for the Barons and grabbed two Top Scorer Titles in the All Canadian in Season 8 & 9. The Barons sold him in Season 13 to a Spanish Club, he spent some time there and is now playing for a Belgian Club.

Personnal Life

Ed Cant didn't get all the success his teammate Herman Ife had, and some claimed that he lived in Ife's shadow, being unnoticed and ignored. Not much is known of him, he apparently would have settled in Belgium where he married a young model.