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Flag of England Coat of Arms of England
Location of England
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Zone: Western Europe
Continent: Europe
Season: 52
Number of teams (approx): 10 920 (active ~6 200)
Level of series: 6
Number of regions: 42
Top series name: English Premier
National cup name: English Cup
National coach:
U-20 Coach:
Currency £
10 £ = 15 US$
Time zone Hattrick Time-1


England was created in Season 11 along with Deutschland, Argentina, Italia, France, USA, and México, as part of Hattrick's initial expansion out of Sverige.

On the 16th of October 2007, the Channel Islands were added as the 40th region.

Notable teams from England[edit]

  • Kester County, who were the first team to win the League and Cup double. They won it twice in a row in seasons 16 and 17.
  • The Knights who say Ni!, who were League and Cup double winners. Led by GM-Hans (HT-Hasse) who oversaw the early development of the English community they won the league in seasons 14 and 15 and the double in seasons 18 and 19.
  • Israel Crazy Dolphins, who were one of England's greatest teams before chingiss left to start afresh in the newly created Israel. For much of the time though the Dolphins were eclipsed by the Knights and chingiss ended with just one trophy to show for it, the League title in season 20.
  • Durham City FC, who won the cup four times in a row between seasons 20 and 23 as well as taking the crown in seasons 26, 27 and 29. They also won the league in seasons 23 and 27 securing the double. They are commonly seen as one of the all time greats in England and were England's first entrants in the Hattrick Masters. They were managed by Ad_the_lad.
  • Apollo, won the league in seasons 21 and 22 and the cup in season 24 (becoming the first team to beat Durham in the cup since season 19). Managed by saifjiwa they are still in the Premiership today and are one of the richest teams in England.
  • Hackers United, under Bud_um_Tiss won the double in season 25 and the league in season 26 having brought an uneconomical super team in order to win trophies on a boom and bust strategy. They had to sell off their team at the end of season 26 and are currently rebuilding in the lower leagues.
  • Ladbroke Rovers, won the league in season 24 and again in season 29 under nick_s, before leaving the game at the top.
  • Kanadian Killers, under Djdan won the league in season 28 and also won the cup in season 30.
  • Late Kick Off, under RentCollector won the league in season 31 and then won the cup the following season. The cup win came at a price as Late Kick Off relegated that same season.
  • Potato Heads, under -Coxy won the league in season 33 and then won the cup the following season. They became the 8th team to have won both of these trophies.
  • Phi's Fire, managed by Pheosiris, is the first to win top division five straight times (season 45-49).

International Trophies[edit]

National Trophies[edit]


English Premier champions

English Cup champions

52 Ville Warriors ville_man
51 Ville Warriors ville_man FC GPA tom2pom
50 Real Tuff Rock_Owen Real Tuff Rock_Owen
49 Phi's Fire Pheosiris Low Fogrigg The_Dude_
48 Phi's Fire Pheosiris Phi's Fire Pheosiris
47 Phi's Fire Pheosiris AFC Inter Wycombe Darbinho
46 Phi's Fire Pheosiris The Red Flag flies at dawn... irREDucible
45 Phi's Fire Pheosiris Cool Cats F.C l-d-c
44 ntmn fc natman FC GPA tom2pom
43 South Dean Mod-futoomph borisia bumchumbadback tezzaleed
42 Rah's Raiders gove-CFC Monkey Mania monkeeman
41 Rah's Raiders gove-CFC borisia bumchumbadback tezzaleed
40 Rah's Raiders gove-CFC Vulgar Vikings Mr_Harald
39 Legion of Killer Apes kingmonkey Bedworth United Earl_E_Doors
38 Hackers United Bud_Um_Tiss Gimpelkings United Vathek
37 Holy Rollers antistar Hackers United Bud_Um_Tiss
36 Holy Rollers antistar Pirate FC PirateWolf
35 Ville Warriors ville_man Rah's Raiders gove-CFC
34 Rival Schools metz182 Potato Heads -Coxy
33 Potato Heads -Coxy Holy Rollers antistar
32 Marauders FC PaulM69 Late Kick Off RentCollector
31 Late Kick Off RentCollector Holy Rollers antistar
30 Kanadian Killers djdan Stealthcows FC Bigmoomoo
29 Ladbroke Rovers nick_s Durham City FC Ad_the_lad
28 Durham City FC Ad_the_lad Kanadian Killers djdan
27 Durham City FC Ad_the_lad Durham City FC Ad_the_lad
26 Hackers United Bud_Um_Tiss Durham City FC Ad_the_lad
25 Hackers United Bud_Um_Tiss Hackers United Bud_Um_Tiss
24 Ladbroke Rovers nick_s Apollo saifjiwa
23 Durham City FC Ad_the_lad Durham City FC Ad_the_lad
22 Apollo saifjiwa Durham City FC Ad_the_lad
21 Apollo saifjiwa Durham City FC Ad_the_lad
20 Israel Crazy Dolphins chingiss Durham City FC Ad_the_lad
19 The Knights who say Ni! GM-Hans The Knights who say Ni! GM-Hans
18 The Knights who say Ni! GM-Hans The Knights who say Ni! GM-Hans
17 Kester County kester Kester County kester
16 Kester County kester Kester County kester
15 The Knights who say Ni! GM-Hans Kline United Kline
14 The Knights who say Ni! GM-Hans Rude Boys micmac
13 Chorlton Athletic BOT Rude Boys micmac
12 Unknown BOT North Midlands BOT
11 Northhampton BOT Northhampton BOT

Note: The records of season 11 and 12 are lost.

The Double[edit]

This are the English double champions:

Team Name Victories Season(s)
Kester County 2 16, 17
The Knights who say Ni! 2 18, 19
Durham City FC 2 23, 27
Northhampton (bot) 1 11
Hackers United 1 25
Phi's Fire 1 48
Real Tuff 1 50

National Teams[edit]

Senior National Team[edit]

Main article: England national team

U-20 National Team[edit]

Main article: England U-20 national team

England NT Tracker[edit]

HT-England National Team Site

English staff[edit]

Former staff:

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