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Enkurs is one of the largest Latvian federations.


Enkurs was founded after a night-long drink in the now legendary cozy pub "Pie jautrās Māsas", by fon_Schmitz and Sadams some time in the spring of 2004. It has since evolved to be more than a Hattrick federation. Enkurs now has an external homepage and several members with no relationship to HT whatsoever.


Enkurs has a very special relationship to another Latvian federation - POHA. Most members of POHA are also members of Enkurs. Since POHA is older it has often been considered the father of Enkurs (though that isn't entirely correct). POHA can also be considered as the alcoholic (or just active) arm of Enkurs.

What is Enkurs

A hidden text in Enkur's homepage describes enkurs as:

Enkurs - An abstract formal union of non-formals and those free of mind.

Keyword a.k.a. password - stripes (Understand at your own understanding!).

Spiritual leader - Dzahnu (This word cannot be found in encyclopedias, therefore don't waiste your energy!)

Goal - Quite straight. But in reality... to discover the obscurities of the social environment in it's diverse forms, by creating social experiments, in whose duration freakish ideas are generated and executed, a break is taken sometimes (it's when an old man with a small stick is sending the cows into a lake...), a lot of beverage is consumed (including tea!), by expeditions to explore the darkest corners of Latvia, to create extreme sea battles on solid ground and other shit...

made by K(ennedy)'s sisters