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The top series of Nederland started in the beginning of 2001, but the data of season 1 is lost.

In season 2 bot team Emmen Athletic were champions, but from that time on Stiphout Vooruit dominated Nederland with 6 successive national titles. The following six seasons, six different teams won the title, but in season 15 Eibergse Boys was the first one since Stiphout to succesfully defend a title.

Another team that attracts attention is 3Dteam, with promoted to the Eredivisie after a II.2 championship in season 7. The manager of 3Dteam stopped playing in season 8 and is a WO team ever since. Due to the rapid growth of Nederland this season 3Dteam still isn't taken over.

The historical standings of the Eredivisie are ofcourse led by Stiphout Vooruit. Mighty Murmels, Korreweg Sport and Ketenix are the other top teams with each at least 8 Eredivisie seasons.