Eurosong 32

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This is the 32nd edition of Eurosong

Eurosong 32
Organizer Gjpee
Theme /
Start date 20-06-2018
End date 11-07-2018
Entries 21
Winning Artist Netherlands Meadowlake
Winning Song Heavy
Winning Nominee Ribbie
Points 115


Nominated by Country Artist Song Points
Justitian Canada Canada Anemone Baby only you & I 46
Gjpee USA USA Wilco Impossible Germany 75
Boetwein Netherlands Netherlands Sjaan Duinhoven de Brug 66
DrMoose Norway Norway Erlend Oye Rainman 82
DustyRhymes USA USA Skillet Stars 75
Podje Netherlands Netherlands King of the world Money means trouble 50
Skill_Bill England England Ben Howard Nica libres at dusk 107
Bertzuurman Netherlands Netherlands Sticks M'n outfit is blauw/wit 2
HPE-Rikdaan Oceania Australia Amy Shark I Said Hi 51
Sprunk USA USA Other lives Tamer animals 63
DenJos Oceania Australia C.W. Stoneking The zombie 44
Ribbie Netherlands Netherlands Meadowlake Heavy 115
Mangalitsarnie England England Milburn What will you do when the money goes 110
Roman10 England England Johnny Marr Hi Hello 66
Jaleesa Germany Germany Popwal I mecht mur wissn wo du bist 70
Yoran England England Take that get ready for it 36
Wurtel Belgium Belgium The radios Gimme love 10
Joshua1966 Russia Russia Human tetris Spread your wings 44
Langeleppel USA USA Blackstreet No diggity 18
Bucky_Fellini USA USA Nathaniel rateliff & the night sweats S.O.B. 103
Lightsun Oceania Australia Fyfe Solace 43