Eurosong 33

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This is the 33rd edition of Eurosong

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Eurosong 33
Organizer Gjpee
Theme /
Start date 03-08-2018
End date 13-09-2018
Entries 18
Winning Song Mad about you
Winning Nominee Joshua1966
Points 123


Nominated by Country Artist Song Points
DustyRhymes USA USA Bughunter Dear McCracken 47
Justitian England England Hannah Williams & the Affirmations Fighting your shadow 37
Gjpee USA USA Henry Nowhere Problems of the heart 40
Langeleppel Spain Spain Trigo! Bella Ciao 43
Sprunk Netherlands Netherlands Haevn Fortitude 95
Ribbie England England Black Peaks Home 70
Bertzuurman Netherlands Netherlands Mooi Wark Gien mens wet waorum 68
Joshua1966 Belgium Belgium Hooverphonic Mad about you 123
Podje Netherlands Netherlands Within Temptation Never ending story 47
Yoran Finland Finland Kotiteollisuus Minä Olen 20
Skill_Bill USA USA Car seat headrest Nervous young inhumans 37
Wurtel England England Miles Kane Come Closer 57
DrMoose USA USA Aretha Franklin A change is gonna come 34
Mangalitsarnie Sweden Sweden The Hives Blood, red moon 62
Lightsun USA USA Modest Mouse Lampshades on fire 66
Boetwein USA USA Damien Done She's about to lose it 57
Roman10 England England Fenne Lily On hold 78
Quoque France France Denez Prigent Gortoz a ran 63