Eurosong 35

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This is the 35th edition of Eurosong

Eurosong 35
Organizer Podje
Theme /
Start date 17-11-2018
End date 22-12-2018
Entries 21
Winning Artist England White Lies
Winning Song Time to give
Winning Nominee Joshua1966
Points 82


Nominated by Country Artist Song Points
Podje Sweden Sweden Weeping Willows Broken promised land 72
Skill_Bill England England Thom Yorke Susperium 66
Boetwein South Africa South Africa The Kiffness Too Blessed to be stressed 56
DrMoose Republic of Ireland Ireland Foy Vance Bangor Town 73
Yoran Germany Germany Powerwolf Demons are a girl's best friend 66
Roman10 Northern Ireland Northern Ireland & Scotland Scotland Snow Patrol Don't give in 51
Queque Poland Poland Marta Bijan Mówiłeś 60
DustyRhymes Netherlands Netherlands The Kyteman ochestra Angry at the world 29
Langeleppel Netherlands Netherlands Boef Sofiane 6
Justitian Canada Canada Men I Trust Seven 44
Ribbie USA USA Houndmouth Sedona 65
Gjpee USA USA Bon Mould and David Grohl New day rising 17
Bertzuurman Netherlands Netherlands Judy Blank Tiger eye stone 69
Sprunk USA USA Julian Casablancas 11th dimension 18
Barman_mooibaard USA USA Sam Baker Peace out 45
Joshua1966 England England White Lies Time to give 82
Sluusinho USA USA Madisen Ward and the mama bear Silent movies 51
Mangalitsarnie Scotland Scotland FFS Piss off 35
Jeleesa Germany Germany Mark Forster Sowieso 39
Wurtel USA USA Roy Orbison You got it 46
Lightsun USA USA Spoon Don't make me a target 54