Eurosong 36

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This is the 36th edition of Eurosong

Eurosong 36
Organizer Podje
Theme /
Start date 04-01-2019
End date 10-02-2019
Entries 20
Winning Artist England Billy Lockett
Winning Song Covered in chaos
Winning Nominee Apenkool
Points 94


Nominated by Country Artist Song Points
Apenkool England England Billy Lockett Covered in chaos 94
DrMoose Netherlands Netherlands Soldaat van Oranje Als wij niets doen 23
Bertzuurman Croatia Croatia Luminize Fuck you 34
Podje USA USA Dixie Chicks Bluegrass Instrumental 21
Skill_Bill Austria Austria Cari cari Mapache 36
Langeleppel Norway Norway Ole Bentzon Kjorvik Around the world 65
Gjpee England England Emily Baker Nostalgia 84
Mangalitsarnie England England The Zutons You will you won't 26
Wurtel Belgium Belgium De Fanfaar ft. Jan de Wilde Doodverveellied 16
Bucky_Fellini England England The Struts Body talks 70
Joshua1966 Netherlands Netherlands Tim Dawn Walking on a wire 85
Sprunk Wales Wales Catfish and the bottleman Kathleen 82
Yoran USA USA & Norway Norway Two steps from hell ft. Merethe Soltvedt Compass 47
Ribbie USA USA Manchester Orchestra I Know how to speak 63
Dustyrhymes Netherlands Netherlands Nielson Ijskoud 41
GM-Fritsiy Oceania Australia Guy Sebastian Before I go 59
Roman10 USA USA Family of the year Hero 79
Boetwein Canada Canada Mary May Softest tune 42
Quoque Iceland Iceland Elin Sif Í Kvöld 25
Lightsun England England Bear's den Elysium 80