Eurosong 37

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This is the 37th edition of Eurosong

Eurosong 37
Organizer Podje
Theme /
Start date 23-02-2019
End date 31-03-2019
Entries 24
Winning Artist Mongolia The Hu
Winning Song Yuve Yuve Yu
Winning Nominee Yoran
Points 137


Nominated by Country Artist Song Points
Sprunk Belgium Belgium Flying Horseman Sunsets 72
Bucky_Fellini USA USA The Raconteurs Now that you're gone 71
DrMoose Netherlands Netherlands Van dik hout Een nacht eeuwigheid 33
Dustyrhymes England England The weird sisters Do the hippogriff 11
Podje Germany Germany Rosenrot Nur moch mit dir 24
Yoran Mongolia Mongolia The Hu Yuve Yuve Yu 137
Wurtel Belgium Belgium Zornik All that we have 16
Gomez1969 USA USA Pixies The happening 65
Roman10 USA USA Twenty one pilots Jumpsuit 39
GM-Fritsiy Netherlands Netherlands Duncan Laurence Arcade 97
Langeleppel Germany Germany Bonez MC & Raf Camora 500 PS 12
Jardineiro Denmark Denmark Alex Vargas Now that I think about it 29
Skill_Bill England England Idles Danny Nedelko 83
Lightsun USA USA Janelle Monáe Django Jane 21
Ribbie Mali Salif Keita Madan 14
Mangalitsarnie Belgium Belgium The blackbox revelation Never alone/always together 50
Wufje Norway Norway Sigrid Sucker punch 102
Quoque Norway Norway Morland En Livredd mann 54
Ajax17Hooijdonk USA USA Sharon van Etten Comeback kid 60
Gjpee England England The nightcafe Endless lovers 63
Joshua1966 USA USA Lady Gaga Always remember us this way 36
Boetwein Netherlands Netherlands Kometeor I Made you a mixtape 55
Bertzuurman USA USA Andra Day Rise up 31
Tafka78 England England Bear's den Agape 129