Eurosong 38

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This is the 38th edition of Eurosong

Eurosong 38
Organizer Podje
Theme Food
Start date 07-04-2019
End date 12-05-2019
Entries 22
Winning Artist England The Wombats
Winning Song Lemon to a knife fight
Winning Nominee Wufje
Points 110


Nominated by Country Artist Song Points
Gomez1969 Finland Finland 22-Pistepirkko Onion Soup 47
DustyRhymes Canada Canada Lights Ice 9
DrMoose Netherlands Netherlands Tangarine Lemonade sky 107
Wufje England England The Wombats Lemon to a knife fight 110
Skill_bill USA USA Lambchop Is a woman 78
Jardineiro Scotland Scotland Paolo Nutini Candy 91
Podje Netherlands Netherlands Pé Daalemmer en Rooie Rinus Worst 3
Langeleppel Jamaica Jamaica Brushy One String Chicken in the corn 37
Bertzuurman USA USA Bread Tecolote 46
Gjpee USA USA The Lemonheads The door 36
Boetwein Netherlands Netherlands Beef Cashin' the money 56
Mangalitsarnie South Africa South Africa Seether Burrito 63
Apenkool Republic of Ireland Ireland Picture this One drink 48
Justitian USA USA Cake The distance 54
Wurtel Belgium Belgium Bart Peeters Brood voor morgenvroeg 60
Lightsun USA USA The white stripes Ball and biscuit 57
Yoran Netherlands Netherlands Schintaler Greumelevla 3
Sprunk USA USA Fruit Bats Bay Bluebird 41
Quoque France France Pomme J'Suis pas dupe 79
Bucky_Fellini Netherlands Netherlands Boegies Stamppot boer'nstront 2
Ajax17Hooijdonk Oceania Australia Angie McMahon Pasta 80