Eurosong 39

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This is the 39th edition of Eurosong

Eurosong 39
Organizer Podje
Theme /
Start date 30-06-2019
End date 06-08-2019
Entries 22
Winning Artist USA Clutch
Winning Song Electric Worry
Winning Nominee Bucky_Fellini
Points 106


Nominated by Country Artist Song Points
Quoque Netherlands Netherlands Isa Zwart Mamme See 48
Justitian Netherlands Netherlands Meetsysteem Goed te doen 35
Martijnmesker France France Polo & Pan Arc-en-ciel 57
Gomez1969 Scotland Scotland Steve Mason Alive 33
Ribbie USA USA Concrete blonde Why don't you see me 42
DrMoose France France The Supermen Lovers Starlight 34
Sprunk Denmark Denmark Choir of young believers Hollow talk 86
Apenkool Republic of Ireland Ireland Dermot Kennedy For Island and family 27
DustyRhymes USA USA Cigarettes after sex Apocalypse 75
Bertzuurman USA USA Weird al Yankovic Sports song 11
Mangalitsarnie USA USA Velvet revolver Fall to pieces 54
Podje England England Mark Owen 4 minute warning 96
Skill_Bill USA USA Andrew Bird Bloodless 94
Bucky_Fellini USA USA Clutch Electric Worry 106
Yoran Germany Germany Grave digger The clans are marching 21
Lightsun Belgium Belgium Loïc Nottet 29 56
Wurtel England England Embrace Gravity 48
Boetwein USA USA The Knocks Brazilian Soul 49
Tomahawkward USA USA Cold war kids Love is mystical 72
Wufje Oceania Australia Amy Shark I said Hi 24
Langeleppel Germany Germany Kerstin Ott Scheissmelodie 23
Roman10 England Emgland Yungblud & Halsey I will follow you into the dark 97