Eurosong 40

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This is the 40th edition of Eurosong

Eurosong 40
Organizer Podje
Theme /
Start date 11-08-2019
End date 17-09-2019
Entries 26
Winning Artist England Lucy Rose
Winning Song Nebraska
Winning Nominee Wufje
Points 99


Nominated by Country Artist Song Points
Yoran Italy Italy Nanowar of Steel Norwegian Reggaeton 33
Justitian Belgium Belgium Beraadgeslagen ft. Charlotte Adigery Isaballade 16
Djurigrimberg Sweden Sweden Kim Cesarion Undressed 16
Ribbie Republic of Ireland Ireland The murder capital Green and blue 70
Podje Germany Germany England England Scooter & Status quo Jump that rock 55
Wurtel Germany Germany Black leather jacket Western world 64
DrMoose Oceania Australia The Teskey Brothers Pain and misery 64
Gomez1969 USA USA Joan as police woman The ride 41
Gjpee Norway Norway Girl in red i'll die anyway 82
Sprunk Belgium Belgium Tamino Habibi 58
Bertzuurman USA USA Lit Fast 78
Phyrexian Germany Germany Fury in the slaughterhouse Won't forget these days 66
Apenkool Canada Canada The Franklin Electric Made it up in your head 68
Skill_bill England England Roo Panes My narrow head 79
Wufje England England Lucy Rose Nebraska 99
Jardineiro England England Life in film Anna, please don't go 73
Mangalitsarnie England England The feeling Sewn 65
Ajax17Hooijdonk USA USA Bon Iver Hey ma 74
Roman10 USA USA John Grant GMF 75
Bucky_Fellini Russia Russia Отава Ё Сумецкая 56
GM-Fritsiy Oceania Australia Tones and I Dance Monkey 96
Boetwein Netherlands Netherlands Room Eleven I Wanna be your 21
Aw_Man England England David Gilmour Coming back to life 81
Dustyrhymes Netherlands Netherlands Suzan & Freek Altijd wel iemand 12
Lightsun Oceania Australia Electric Fields 2000 and whatever 20
Quoque Romania Romania Instinct Petale 46