Eurosong 41

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This is the 41st edition of Eurosong

Eurosong 41
Organizer Podje
Theme /
Start date 05-10-2019
End date 12-11-2019
Entries 27
Winning Artist USA the War on drugs
Winning Song An ocean between the waves
Winning Nominee Aw_man
Points 128


Nominated by Country Artist Song Points
Aw_man USA USA The war on drugs An ocean between the waves 128
Ribbie USA USA Q Lazzarus Goodbye Horses 44
Sprunk South Africa South Africa Gregory Alan Isakov Amsterdam 75
Gomez1969 England England Cornershop Brimful of Asha 83
Skill_bill England England Charlie Cunningham Permanent way 107
DrMoose Netherlands Netherlands Daniel Lohues Als de liefde maar blijft winnen 26
Podje Sweden Sweden Arch Enemy The world is yours 26
Quoque Greece Greece Τους είπες πως Μαλού Κυριακοπούλου 28
Phyrexian Germany Germany H-Blockx Open letter to a friend 72
Djurigrimberg Belgium Belgium Gotye Thanks for your time 28
Jardineiro Canada Canada Arcade fire We used to wait 84
Joshua1966 Netherlands Netherlands Haevn Where the heart is 71
Groenteman USA USA Death cab for cutie 60 & punk 41
Gjpee USA USA Two Medicine Gold 42
Bertzuurman Netherlands Netherlands Sandra van Nieuwland Thirsty dolphins 40
Wurtel Belgium Belgium Clouseau Tijdmachine 19
Langeleppel Germany Germany Sarah Connor Vincent 70
Apenkool USA USA !!! Serbia Drums 43
Boetwein Canada Canada Christophe Beck Paperman 50
Roman10 USA USA Dredg The thought of losing you 94
Yoran Estonia Estonia Genialistid Leekiv Armastus 33
Mangalitsarnie USA USA Institute Ambulances 67
Bucky_Fellini England England The Heavy What happened to the love 54
Justitian Canada Canada Alvvays Adult diversion 56
Wufje USA USA Liza Anne Panic Attack 61
Ajax17Hooijdonk USA USA Hemlock Ernst Down 69
Lightsun England England Wolf Alice Don't delete the kisses 55