Eurosong 45

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This is the 45th edition of Eurosong

Eurosong 45
Organizer Mangalitsarnie
Theme /
Start date 30-04-2020
End date 29-05-2020
Entries 28
Winning Artist USA Robert Jon & the wreck
Winning Song Tired of drinking alone
Winning Nominee DenJos
Points 105


Nominated by Country Artist Song Points
Mangalitsarnie England England Stanley's A better life 47
Sprunk England England Steven Wilson The Raven that refused to sing 89
Aw_man Canada Canada Cat Clyde Bird bone 46
Bertzuurman Belgium Belgium K's Choice Butterflies instead 52
Marc- Oceania Australia Crowded House Pineapple Head 66
Skill_bill England England Slowdive Slomo 69
Wurtel Belgium Belgium Peter van Laet Zeg het vandaag 35
Groenteman Iceland Iceland Vök in the dark 70
Ribbie USA USA Nine inch nails we're in this together 33
Phyrexian England England Anathema Fragile dreams 58
Boetwein Netherlands Netherlands Woezels Zijn spullen plekken tijd 12
Podje England England The notting hillbillies Railroad worksong 28
DrMoose England England The Rolling Stones Living in a ghost town 33
Martijnmesker Italy Italy Matia Bazar Ti Sento 89
Q9446 Italy Italy Gazebo I Like Chopin 33
Justitian England England The Ramonas I want to live in outer space 26
Quoque Austria Austria Mathea 2x 41
Yoran Finland Finland Nightwish Harvest 55
Gjpee USA USA The Strokes Bad decisions 84
DenJos USA USA Robert Jon & the wreck Tired of drinking alone 105
Gomez1969 Canada Canada The tea party Bazaar 52
Palomaris Scotland Scotland Teenage fanclub Fallin 14
Jardineiro Canada Canada Half moon run I can't figure out what's going on 40
Roman10 USA USA Guster Amsterdam 73
Wufje Oceania Australia Dope lemon Marinada 32
Lightsun Germany Germany Wir Sind Helden Wenn es Passiert 99
Bucky_fellini Canada Canada Avril Lavigne ft Marilyn Manson Bad girl 45
Ajax17Hooijdonk USA USA Whitney No Woman 22