Eurosong 48

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This is the 48th edition of Eurosong

Eurosong 48
Organizer Podje
Theme /
Start date 30-08-2020
End date 05-10-2020
Entries 29
Winning Artist Estonia Ewert an the two dragons
Winning Song Good man down
Winning Nominee Jardineiro
Points 100


Nominated by Country Artist Song Points
DenJos Canada Canada Bywater call Silver lining 79
Dustyrhymes USA USA Sasha Sloan House with no mirrors 62
Bertzuurman Germany Germany d'Artagnan Flucht nach vorn 86
Waldorf England England Milo Men in the wall 60
Bouvage Serbia Serbia S.A.R.S. Perspektiva 83
Twinny USA USA Jason Is Natalie Portman 2002 20
Tomahawkward Italy Italy Husky Loops Tempo 87
Gjpee Republic of Ireland Ireland Fontaines D.C. You Said 62
Groenteman England England Sports team Going soft 36
Bucky_fellini USA USA Blackberry Smoke One horse town 49
Aw_man Iceland Iceland Retro Stefson Kimba 51
Quoque USA Pamyua Bubble Gum 19
Phryexian USA USA Josh Ritter Joy to you baby 53
Podje Belgium Belgium Brides of lucifer Warriors of the world 39
Ribbie Wales Wales James Dean Bradfield 30 thousand milk bottles 77
Justitian USA USA Vulfpeck Cory wong 55
Skill_bill USA USA Thee oh sees the dream 29
Mangalitsarnie USA USA Eels Baby let's make it real 98
Apenkool England England Circa waves Be your drug 78
Roman10 England England The futureheads Good night out 48
Yoran Germany Germany Lord of the lost Loreley 33
Gomez1969 England England Ultrasound Floodlit world 35
Jardineiro Estonia Estonia Ewert and the two dragons Good man down 100
Palomaris Scotland Scotland Belle & Sebastian i'm a cuckoo 57
Wurtel England England Royal Blood How did we get so dark 70
Boetwein Belgium Belgium The subs vs Tsar B Flesh & Bones 40
Sprunk Republic of Ireland Ireland Luka Bloom Exploring the blue 44
DrMoose Iceland Iceland Ólafur Arnalds Lag fyrir Ömmu 47
Lightsun USA USA Taylor Swift Exile 85