Eurosong 49

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This is the 49th edition of Eurosong

Eurosong 49
Organizer Podje
Theme /
Start date 18-10-2020
End date 24-11-2020
Entries 29
Winning Artist England Nothing but thieves
Winning Song Impossible
Winning Nominee Podje
Points 130


Nominated by Country Artist Song Points
Roman10 Scotland Scotland Biffy Clyro Space 99
Justitian England England Do Nothing LeBron James 61
DrMoose USA USA Black Pumas Colors 85
Phyrexian USA USA I Prevail Rise above it 61
Aw_man USA USA Josh Rednor Red 45
Dustyrhymes Oceania Australia Mia Rodriguez Psycho 28
Yoran Netherlands Netherlands Tony Ronald Help 8
Quoque Germany Germany Oonagh Ariën 45
Groenteman USA USA Matt Berninger One more second 115
Podje England England Nothing but thieves Impossible 130
Bertzuurman Belgium Belgium Milow Michael Jordan 62
DenJos England England Lynne Jackaman Red House 16
Martijnmesker England England Bonobo Antenna 27
Gjpee France France Pomme Les Failles Caches 67
Palomaris Belgium Belgium Flip Kowlier Welgemeende 10
Bouvage Spain Spain Barcelona Gypsy Klezmer Orchestra Edelezi 28
Waldorf USA USA Bruce Springsteen Burnin' train 58
Twinny Denmark Denmark Volbeat Pelvis on fire 48
Apenkool USA USA Krhuangbin White gloves 97
Ribbie USA USA Emma Ruth Rundle & Thou The Valley 39
Boetwein USA USA Aaron Frazer Bad News 57
Tomahawkward England England Oscar Lang Apple Juice 47
Jardineiro USA USA Dispatch Painted yellow lines 71
Gomez1969 England England Loyle Carner No CD 74
Mangalitsarnie England England Maximo Park Baby Sleep 28
Sprunk USA USA Alter Bridge Blackbird 76
Wurtel Canada Canada Pilot Speed Alright 75
Bucky_Fellini USA USA Ghoultown Drink with the living dead 51
Lightsun Sweden Sweden Molly Sanden Húsavik 74